2004 Overleaves

February 5, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael_Entity] We are here with you now. Welcome to all of you.

We will begin tonight with our perspective of the energy for the time period of your new year 2004 in terms of “Overleaves”. Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.

The very basic energy of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can help your year feel “comfortable” or “challenging”, depending on your own Overleaves and your amount of participation in “the world”. These two energies are most prominent in the first three months of a year. In addition to these basic energies, the GOAL of the year will become implemented in those first few months.

It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we will use to describe the year are in effect ALL year, but these particular frames of time are the “seasonal” emphasis of those particular qualities.

General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis:

The YEAR is based within the energies of the ROLE and CENTERING.

January through March implements the GOAL.

April through June implements the MODE.

July through September implements the ATTITUDE.

October through December implements the CHIEF FEATURE.

With all of that being explained, we would describe the probable energy for the year 2004 with these Overleaves:

2004 Overleaves


While we do not “predict”, we can share with you what these energies appear to mean for you in the year ahead.

With your year being couched in SAGE and EMOTIONAL energies, this may end up being a very dramatic, expressive year, focused on Individual and Group expressions. There are two prominent ways this may go: “dramatic”, in the sense of “theatrical” and sometimes quite entertainingly, or “dramatic” in the sense of “intensity” and being quite overwhelming

For those who are normally not as expressive, this year may either help your expression to become more refined and pronounced, or you may feel more inclined to “step back” while the more expressive types take “the stage”.

With an emphasis on Expression this year, you are going to continue to see more ways in which people are able to watch other people more closely. By this we mean that the walls of privacy will continue to fall and “reality TV” will continue to grow, becoming a “natural” part of the expectations of your culture, along with documentaries and exposure of group and individual forms of expression.

Entertainment will most likely be taken to another level of sensory experience in the year ahead, as technology becomes more affordable and important to the average household. In larger metropolitan areas, we are aware of at least two fragments seeking to promote a new way of experiencing “movies”, wherein the fragments don “sensory masks and gloves”, so as to experience scent, temperature, motion, and vibration to enhance the visuals. “Fabrics of Light” is another high probability in 2004, as a new way of wearing clothing is announced.

EMOTIONAL energy is not Expressive, as one might expect to be. Emotional energy is Inspirational, which will lead many of our channels and students to assume that the year might be described in terms of Priest/Server. While Centering is certainly a prominent influence, the PART of that centering is what will be the most obvious on your day-to-day levels. Our emphasis on the Expressive comes from the INTELLECTUAL PART of the Emotional Centering. The Centering is the underlying structure of the year, but the Part will be how that energy is funneled, so to speak. In other words, many groups and individuals are going to be “inspired” to fight for, impose, or defend their rights for Expression. Because the year’s energy appears to be funneled through that Intellectual Part, the year could bring with it several instances of high-tech, intelligent attacks on certain groups, OR bring with it some of the most intelligent, high-tech debates for creative solutions to be implemented in ways never before seen in terms of tolerance and compassion.

With the GOAL of Re-evaluation, the year may seem to be more about “one step forward, two steps back” in terms of progress. This year is not going to emphasize PROGRESS, as much as it will emphasize what you are going to do with the progress-to-date.

Time has seemed to be speeding past many fragments and there has been a great need for a year of Re-evaluation, wherein not only can world events be put into perspective, but personal agendas and agreements can be put back on track.

Within the first few months of this year, there may seem to be an odd energy for you, as there has not been an age of Re-evaluation in quite some time. What you do with the months of January through March can have a strong impact on your personal year ahead. In terms of Re-evaluation, January through March would be a time for exploring those issues you have not “had time” to explore. This would include attention to changes or enhancements in career, relationships, decor, pleasure routines, etc. The more energy you use now to focus on the important changes you have been putting off, the more likely they will be implemented gently and swiftly.

When we suggest focusing on the “important” changes, we are not talking about your normal priorities. We are speaking more about those areas of your life that ARE NOT the usual priority. Many of our students have addressed the bigger picture of their lives over the past five years, but have lost track of the basic pleasures that make the life seem balanced, at least in terms of Expression/Inspiration.

In other words, over the past few years, the emphasis has been on what you can DO about everything (with the past few years emphasizing the Moving Center), but a great deal of “the little things” that define you as YOU may have been lost in that growth. We would suggest examining where some of your personal expression has become muted over the years because of emphasis on other important aspects of your life. This examination can rekindle a sense of kindness toward yourself in your life, and bring back a peace that may have been lacking as you focused on progress.

With SAGE, EMOTIONAL CENTERING (intellectual part), and RE-EVALUATION being the most emphasized energy in these first few months, we would then suggest two specific approaches to help you benefit from that energy:

ONE: to invite/create at least 3 dates specifically for your personal pleasure, in terms of rejuvenation and balance. This might include a Massage, a long Bath, time to sleep with no time constraints, time for leisure walks, good reading, etc. The point will not to be to accomplish anything, but to have made permissive time for you NOT to have to accomplish anything at all, but to BE. These are passive months ahead, and if you feel you are exerting too much effort, you are probably overlooking some very basic pleasures. All of you have gained some strong education about your personal abilities to DO, but these months will emphasize what it means for you to BE.

TWO: examine yourselves gently and determine at least two things that you have ignored as a pleasure in your life because of your focus on progress in the past few years. Create a sense of permission within you to invite/create those basic pleasures back into your life on a regular basis. Most of you will know what we are talking about. These “little things” will be those things that you continue to think you will have time to do later, but only after the chores of your daily life are addressed, which usually means never having made time for those “little things” at all. All of you will most likely realize some aspect of your personal expression that helps make you, YOU, which has become more muted over the years. Re-energizing and nurturing those less-defined parts of you will help in the year ahead.

We will take your questions now about our report, and we will elaborate on the year’s details relative to each Overleaf as the year unfolds and our work with you continues.


[kittlekats41] I notice that the chief feature has a major affect in the last 3 months – how do you foresee this influencing the election?

[Michael_Entity] Ironically, the STUBBORNNESS will push each candidate into a position to be more revealing than what one would expect. The Stubbornness will emphasize what is unbudging about the fragment, and what he will “fight for or against”. With the PASSION, STUBBORNNESS and the PRAGMATISM of the year, you will see the candidates becoming simplified and more focused on very specific issues that “define” that candidate.

Candidates who are focused on a more positive probable reality for the United States and humanity, will emphasize his passion FOR something, but those candidates who are focused on a more destructive reality will emphasize himself AGAINST something as his definition. This measure can be confusing, but we will define “for” and “against” in this way:

“FOR” would be those candidates who are focused on what is inherently MATURE SOUL by definition, emphasizing RIGHTS and implementation of a practical means to create balance among varying groups. “AGAINST” would be those candidates who are focused on what is inherently YOUNG/BABY SOUL in nature, emphasizing division, sameness, and dogma, seeking to implement secure ways to lock out changes.

You may be hard-pressed to find a candidate with whom the older soul may feel resonance at this time.

We will conclude here, then, and continue an exploration of these Overleaves with you through your discussion list, if you choose to do so. Good night.