3 Sets of Overleaves

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-05-20]

There are actually 3 sets of Overleaves a channel or person my find when getting a Profile.

There are True Overleaves, and then there are Internal and External Overleaves. External Overleaves are those Overleaves that describe how OTHERS see a person. Internal Overleaves are how a person may interpret or see himself. True Overleaves are the Overleaves describing the truth of who you are, regardless of Internal or External interpretation. Many times these 3 facets can be the same, and many times a person will find they have 3 sets of Overleaves.

I have always wondered why there was discrepency among the channels for Overleaves. I asked Michael about it and they gave me several insightful responses. The gist of the reasons for Overleaves discrepencies is:

1. All of us are not channeling information from the same source, even if we all refer to our source as Michael.

2. Inaccurate Channeling

3. The channel has become dependent on “psychic interpretations” of the Overleaves.

4. 3 Facets of Personality

4a) True Overleaves = The Overleaves as they are recorded in the Akashic Records. Sometimes these are hard to validate because of Imprinting, or we have become identified with one or both of the other Facets of Personality. These Overleaves may or may not coincide with the other Facets.

4b) External Overleaves = The Overleaves as they are interpreted by those around the Fragment. Celebrity, historical, or high profile Fragments are subject to this version of the Overleaves. A channel gets the Overleaves as they are most obvious about a persona of the Fragment. Sometimes you receive this set as a means to help you understand how OTHERS are perceiving you.

4c) Internal Overleaves = The Overleaves as they are interpreted by the Fragment, herself or himself. A Channel gets the Overleaves based on what the Fragment has decided is true. Sometimes you get this set as a means to help you grasp a more accurate truth about your identity. Sometimes, when we have an Overleaf clearly defining how we have always seen ourselves, we realize how far off it is from describing who we really are.

Some channels specialize in one area over another. Most channels aren’t aware of these inclinations. ALL Facets are valid and important. The eventual point might be to understand all three, especially if they are very different. The serious student will eventually find all three to be in harmony, or the essentially the same.

No matter how much a set of Overleaves resonate with you at first, you might check in with the meaning of each to see if it still holds true for you over the years. Sometimes you do find that an Overleaf described you perfectly for a period of time, but then you find you change. It’s not so much that you changed Overleaves, but that your alignment with or against Essence becomes more pronounced over time.

No matter how much a set of Overleaves DOES NOT resonate with you at first, you might check back with that set to see if you were simply distracted by an Internal or External Facet.

The happier you are, the more likely it is that you will be able to
see your True Overleaves.

This helps me make so much more sense of our different dimensions of perception of each other and our selves. Does anyone have any comments or questions or additions? Does this make sense to everyone?

3 sets of Overleaves

[JoAnn] Do the True overleaves change in a lifetime?… because I understood that they don’t.

[Troy]¬†Right, they don’t change. You may “slide” from your primary Overleaf to the partner Overleaf sharing an Axis (like from Acceptance to Discrimination, etc.), but you wouldn’t actually replace your Overleaves. The Overleaves are primarily biological, so to change your Overleaves would require a change of Body or a change of Essence to override the Body’s programming. The Overleaves that can change are those given as a reflection of¬†Perception/Interpretation from an External or Internal point.