7 Kingdoms of Lifeforms

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-08-09]

[Question] Are there 7 or MORE different types of kingdoms operating on earth — ie; humanoids, elementals, faeres, angels, etc., and, blendings of them & if so, is this connected to DNA; or what are the 7 kingdoms on earth at this time; like minerals/plants ? etc., it would be nice to know more about this earth, we have all chosen to share together; without plants – we can’t breathe, without minerals-we do NOT have good health – so; we must all be interlinked, in some way.

[Michael Entity] What we describe as “Kingdoms” are the levels of development of chakras, centering, and sentience within various groups of lifeforms within a planetary system. There are, indeed, 7 Kingdoms. The association of “elementals, faeries, angels, etc” are seen a bit differently from our perspective, but there is some validity within these more mythical interpretations.

Ocean and Mineral Kingdom; Vegetation Kingdom; Insect Kingdom; Cold-Blooded Kingdom; Bird Kingdom; Lower Mammal Kingdom; Higher Mammal Kingdom. These are the 7 Kingdoms of Earth’s Physical Plane in terms of sentient development and exploration. For each Kingdom there are a multitude of Energy Rings, Cadres, or Entities working within those Kingdoms as a form of support, creativity, and direction for that kingdom. All Sentient Humans have explored each of these Kingdoms before incarnating into the Human cycle of lives.

In earlier stages of a planet’s hosting Sentience, the Energy Rings, Cadres, and Entities managing these Kingdoms are far more obvious, especially when Sentience is living closely with any one of those Kingdoms.

These Energy Rings, Cadres, and Entities managing the Kingdoms are not taking form, but exploring or directing the development of that Kingdom, and when sensed by Humans, are often interpreted into mythological forms.

So while we would not say that there is a literal line of faeries or elves or elementals, we would say that these interpretations are not wholly inaccurate to how the non-physical energies work within a Kingdom. Human imagination fills in the more elaborate, magical parts to account for the lack of practical understanding. However, we would say that the imaginative stories serve a practicality in itself, in that it hands down a personification of these energies so that Humans can work with those energies in a way that “makes sense” to them.

As a planet’s dominant Sentience matures, and the influx of new Sentience slows or stops, so does this network of forces that nurture your planet’s kingdoms.

At some point in every Sentient species’ development, these forces stop taking care of the planet, and the dominant species must then do the work of caring for the planet. It is not unlike the way your own bodies are cared for by forces greater than your own until you reach a certain age, whereupon you must then take care of yourselves.

To that point, we say that the realms of faeries, elves, elementals, angels, etc., (however you interpret these forces) are waning, and the shift of responsibility is upon your species now to pick up that line of care and nurturing for the planet and its Kingdoms.