9 Circles of Community

Community is a unique experience of the Physical Plane, defined by natural or chosen resonance and attraction to each other, which is based in many different ways, and sealed by recognition. Below is a map of the contexts with which we define that resonance and attraction. These Circles extend like concentric circles from the fragment and overlap with other people and their Circles.

“True Community” requires physical contact in some way, to some degree, and all of these circles reflect that standard. The farther out the circle, the less confined that physical contact is to a single lifetime.


IMMEDIATE Circle are those with whom you necessarily must tend to, such as yourself, one other person, and sometimes your spiritual sense, such as your God, if religious, or your Guide, Nature, your Higher Self, etc. if you are of other spiritual pursuasions.

CHOSEN Circle, which are those closest fragments with whom the Personality moves in the lifetime at the time, such as your mate, your best friends, created or chosen family, etc.

EXTENDED Circle, which is those who may be connected to those in your Chosen or Immediate Circle; your extended family, close friends of your mate, etc.


TIMELESS/BONDED Circle, which are those long-term friendships or relationships that are not dependent upon Time or Space, but still move in and out of the life, never losing their validity.

HIGHER CHOSEN Circle, or those with whom your Essence recognizes as mutual bonds from the current or past lives.

SOCIAL/TASK Circle are those involved in your interaction with society and work, tasks, and create an obvious or subtle backdrop to your larger patterns of your participation in the world.


TRIBAL Circle, that community with which one recognizes common interests, spiritual beliefs, hobbies, and directions.

CULTURAL Circle are those with whom one recognizes similarities and commonalities, such as skin color, ethnicity, nationality, geography, etc.

SPECIES Circle are those with whom one recognizes as being of the same species as yourself, or in this case, other Humans with which you relate as being Human (which may or may not include all valid Humans.)


The first set of three circles are Personality-based and could be considered your Communities of Vitality. These circles support the Personality and its personal agendas.

Though the Personality has the ultimate control over who is determined as being included or recognized in any of these circles during the lifetime, only the first three are specifically limited to the current lifetime and Personality. If the Personality is rejecting of Essence, circles beyond the Extended Circle will probably not be recognized or utilized for that lifetime.

How one develops these first three circles, over one lifetime or over many lifetimes, however, is what contributes to the recognized population of the rest of the communities.

The second set of three circles are Essence-based, and could be considered your Communities of Harmony. Even if the Personality rejects Essence, these circles of community will not be destroyed, will endure, though they may be held at bay, or unrecognized, for that lifetime. These circles are built over lifetimes, and still require physical contact between Personalities to build these.

The third set of three circles are Species-based, or your Planetary Communities. These exist from the very first lifetime and are not dependent upon Essence or Personality, but are cultivated and expanded upon by both over many lifetimes.


Planetary Communities tend to be the emphasis of Infant, Baby, and Young Souls, with extreme lines drawn to define them.

Harmonious Communities tend to be the emphasis of Mature and Old Souls, with extreme lines drawn to define them.

Vital Communities are used by all Soul Ages for not only populating the Harmonious and Planetary Communities, but for softening the lines that originally defined them, until all fellow fragments with whom one has crossed paths is eventually included.


NOTE FROM TROY: I want to make it clear that the Community Circles concept wasn’t original to me. I know JP channeled this before. I don’t want anyone thinking it’s new info, but I did ask questions to expand upon it for my own understanding, and this is what I got.