A personal history with Michael

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-08-04]

[Martha] I’d like to know about my “history” with you, Michael. How many lifetimes have I been a student, and did I know some of you when incarnate?

[MEntity] Your Essence’s history with us is rather extensive in that it has been a student from “the beginning,” when we first came through about 7000 years ago in the Mesopotamia area.

All lifetimes since approximately 4500 or 4600 BCE have since been active as a student, though not all lifetimes exemplified or explored our teaching specifically, as it is really only in this 21st Century that we have been able to lay out our actual Teaching.

Previous to your Essence’s more “modern” incarnations, the explorations were more along the lines ranging between fertility experiments, manifesting, and experimental occult contact.

[Bobby2] how did you instruct before this teaching was laid out?

[MEntity] Previous to our cycling off, fragments from our entity had formed bonds with your Essence over a series of lifetimes that were mostly during the time frame that would be about 35,000 BCE and about 10,000 BCE.

We will point out here that our responses are complicated for our channels to convey because when an entity cycles off, it is moved from the slipstream of Time and upon returning, develops a complex new network of bonds among even the most familiar of fragments still extant.

Therefore, we have relationships with our students that existed in a linear fashion that you may or may not recognize, and then upon our choosing a time period for our teaching to begin, we then create another layer of relationship relative to Time.

[Martha] interesting, thank you

[MEntity] In our case, it happens that we were able to insert the beginnings of our teaching into a time frame close to when we cycled off, but upon returning to the slipstream of Time, that entry point did not “still have” the relationships that we had previous to our cycling off.

We realize this seems complicated, but it is not; it is merely complex, and it would require some elaboration, but having this information may help to keep our response in context.

The short answer would be that 7 fragments from our entity have bonded with your Essence, Martha, and of those 7, 3 spent approximately 15 different incarnations of significance with your Essence.