“Awaken the lightbody?”

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-11-06]

[llawryf121] I’ve posted more detail over on the forum, but basically — what does it mean to “awaken the lightbody”?

[Michael_Entity] That would be a phrase that is not one we would use, with the definition being relative to those who would use it. We suggest seeking definition with that context.

In many cases of its use, we see that it is a more glamourous phrase to describe a process of owning the energy that is yours and using it in a way that we would describe as Good Work.

In our system, then, it could be likened to the True Personality.

Or Manifesting Essence.
The fusion of Personality and Essence into a cocreative process.

We believe that may help find a bridge between the original context for that phrase and how it might be translated into our system.

They are the language of glamour