Basic Checklist for Validating Michael

A BASIC CHECKLIST for validating the clarity, consistency, and presence of Michael through a person claiming to channel Michael, regardless of the “voice” being used:

We will never tell you what to do.

We will never predict.

We will never speak to you in ways that only seek to comfort you.

We do not use affectionate language as a means of socializing, or as a means to appeal to you.

We will never shame you.

We will never do the work of your life for you.

We teach a philosophy that naturally encourages study and practice, if that philosophy is going to be valid, but it will not do the work of your life for you, or make your life easier. Only your study and implementation of the teaching can do such a thing.

We refer to Past Lives as a means to increase your capacity for choice in the current life, but never as a means to simply explain away your conditions and experiences.

We will never teach that your current life is a result of, or an imposition from, your Past Lives, but that your most relevant Past Lives are because of your current life choices.

Our teaching is an evolving body that builds upon itself, but does not replace or displace itself. We do expand upon concepts that are often previously conveyed or interpreted as concluded, but this expansion is not a replacement or displacement, and will only add dimension that is consistent to the evolution.

When we introduce a new aspect of our teaching, it propagates among our channels and does not become unique to any one channel for any great length of time.

We do not make sensational, urgent, or conditional announcements.

We do not do healing, or “energy work,” as this is a form of interference and potential karma. [note: the channel may do this work while in trance with Michael, but the work would be from other sources, or from the channel, himself or herself]

We do not work with any other entity in any way as any means to communicate or convey our teaching.

We come to all who ask, but this does not mean we are heard, understood, or clearly communicated.

We come to all who ask, but this does not mean that we come through any channel who claims he or she is channeling us.

We and our teaching cannot be misrepresented because it is either us and our teaching, or it is not; we and the teaching are either heard clearly, or not.

We will always trust that you will hear what you most need or want to hear.

We will never restrict our communication to only what you want to hear, and we will never impose upon you what we see as your needing to hear.

We cannot access private information about any fragment. Private information in the Akashic Records is as private as the individual Personality deems it to be, until that Personality deems it otherwise. Individual Personalities will always be the authority over their own information.

Overleaves are not private information.

Accessing the Akashic Records is part of our study, and your questions help us in that process. You cannot ask your questions, or for Overleaves, too many times.

We do not evade or avoid questions that seek to help a student in a process of validation.

We do not require questionnaires, birth information, or photographs as a means to access your Overleaves; that is a tool for the channel, not for us. [note: these are valid tools for channels to use; Michael is just noting that they, themselves, do not require or need them]

Our channels are never displaced by us, but only merge with us as a means of communicating for us. There will always be a percentage of consciousness of the channel contributing to even the clearest of information, accurately or inaccurately.

Everything we teach extends from the premise that every fragment carries the primary tool of Choice.

We will always emphasize the tool of Choice as your most empowering tool.

We state that “all is choice,” but this does not preclude the responsibility of learning how to choose in ways that contribute to you and your species evolution.

We make the statement that “all is choice” as a fact of existence, not as a statement of permission.

We are not out to save the world, have no interest in recruiting students, and do not find it necessary to alter our teachings in a way that allows for consumption by the masses.

We do not expect you to take this check list at face value, but we offer it as a means to bring to light the patterns of consistency that establish the strength of our proximity to you through a channel, keeping in mind that the lack of proximity means only a lack of proximity. It does not have any bearing on the validity, or lack of validity, of a channel’s teaching, or his or her interpretation of our teaching.