Beginning of human sentience

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-08-04]

[Geraldine] I would like some information on both why the information is so discrepant between Troy and other channels on when ensoulment started, i.e., 65,000 years versus 6 million years, plus more information on that long time before the archeological record. I realize that only a relative handful of souls started back at the 6 million mark  but, we have been told that there have been Infinite Souls that date back to 4.5 million years, and that another entire civilization existed at about 1 million years. Martha and I both have had incarnations that date back to the 6 million and 1 million marks.

[MEntity] A comment: It is always something pleasurable for us to observe and experience through a channel the play shared among students. It does not go unseen or without affect for us.

[Geraldine] wonderful :)
[Bobby2] one of you was sage cast so you can relate :-)

[MEntity] We share that comment in this particular format for the sake of the very format, in that many of our students often experience as remote in our emotional experience and exchange, but it does exist.
We do not experience this sentimentally, but we do experience it as a kind of joy that even your own empathy might bring when observing play among others.
We will now respond to your question.

Discrepancies will always be in place for such topics that have no solidity in World Truth, which prompts some channels to override our information with what he or she has deemed makes the most sense by current standards or understanding.

The origins of humanity are still quite a mystery to many, and have left room for speculation to range between fantastical to indifference. Most information about the origins of humanity is more reflective of the one who has decided what makes the most sense than it does about the origins of humanity.

Some of our channels are quite schooled in current thought and will use that as the limitation on what we can offer in response to historic or prehistoric questioning, but some of our channels have no schooling or restrictions and we can offer a bit more accurate information in some instances through those channels.

What we would suggest is an exploration of the evolution of archeology, geology, and other arts and sciences that help to determine patterns and origins of species.

In that exploration, we would suggest examining whether those fields continue to push the timeline backwards into time, or do they continue to confirm, secure, and validate current thought.

In that exploration, when a timeline seems to be secure, are there anomalies that have to be ignored for that timeline to make sense?

If you can see that the timeline not only continues to be redefined, but grows further back into time, suggesting cycles of civilizations, rather than linear evolution, then you may find some validity in the possibility that humans have been around a lot longer than is currently realized or accepted.

[Geraldine] A whole lot of PhDs have had dissertations written that are at risk if changes are accepted.

[MEntity] In the end, the discrepancies must simply be held up against what you feel is true internally, and externally. When there is lack of conclusive validity externally, then one can use what is available to help bring about True Validity as best one can.

The questions we have suggested for the empirical evidence in your exploration can help you to measure the various discrepancies for accuracy/validity in terms of where the patterns appear to be leading, even if no conclusions can be drawn, yet.

We think we have responded to this sufficiently for now.