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You are Safe

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[TCB] Is there anything that you would like me to know at this time, that I may not currently aware of?

Would you define the true nature of giving?

[excerpt from TT: 2001-06-07]

[Anne49] would you define the true nature of giving?

[Michael_Entity] The true nature of Giving is in creating an Exchange without the fear of “being ripped off.” Giving is not just an active offering of something, but a gauging of the recipient’s capability to receive. To be put simply, True Giving is in the comprehension of Other as they are a part of an Exchange.

Would Michael comment on my perception of people’s auras?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-09-21]

[MaryBV] This may be a bit too personal, but I would like Michael to comment on my perception of people’s auras. For instance, during the channeling session in NYC I saw a “bubbling” of Troy’s aura from the left side of his head. Was I seeing this correctly and did the aura coming from this side of the head have any particular meaning, and is seeing the aura of any ‘real’ importance generally?

Working Groups – The Owls

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-07-10]

[jesuislulu] After researching about the more personal nature of Triads from my last POF session I came across a question regarding working groups….I cribbed this question from the Library as it resonated with information from previous sessions regarding my times in the Mystery Schools….. SO. Regarding your description of working groups as “a configuration of fragments working on esoteric themes begun in Alexandrine schools….,” this struck a cord with me. Could you elaborate a bit more and I’m not asking for details, but can you confirm whether I am part of such a group and if so, what its esoteric theme is?

Working Configurations Involve Life Task

[Excerpt from TT:2002-02-21]

[MaryBV] In a working configuration you mentioned the work involved the life task. Do the members have the same life tasks or are they similar or complementary to each other?

[M_Entity] In a Quadrate, the individual Life Tasks would all complement each other in some way. They may not appear so, but in terms of the larger goal of the Configuration, it is contributing to the same direction. This only applies to a Working Quadrate. In all other Configurations, the Life Task may or may not contribute so directly or complementarily.

Will Michael explain the difference between Want and Need?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-02-17]

Note: Otterly is aka Troy Tolley

[Deb] Will Michael explain the difference between want and need?

[Michael_Entity] We find the differences between WANT and NEED to be profound: WANT is anything you are choosing consciously to ADD to your life, while NEED is anything you seek to FILL or SUSTAIN your life. There are certain areas of your life that are defaulted “pockets” seeking to be filled; these are NEEDS (food, shelter,…) There are certain areas of your life where a foundation is built and additions are sought (such as more relationships, more money, more or anything…), and that seeking is a WANT.

Will high male energy impede my spiritual growth very much?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[scholar7thlevel] I have a male/female energy ratio of 82M/18F. Will this impede my spiritual growth very much?

[Michael_Entity] That is not possible. No.

It simply means you will have the experience of seeking “spirituality” from a more linear approach, while surrounding yourself with experiences, people, events that continuously offer opportunities for balance. When a M/F ratio is more than 60 in either direction, it is going to be part of the task of Essence to find balance. In seeking that balance, you may choose Overleaves that heightens more creativity, seek relationships that are chaotic, find yourself in unstructured situations that require you to surrender, etc. How you respond to these events begins to allow the Essence more experiential data with which to draw from in further events. Eventually, regardless of M/F ratio, an Essence is easily accessing either angle.

Why would Essence “spin off” parallels of itself?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-25]

[ha] Why would it become desirable to “spin-off” aspects of self, i.e., I’m in process of re-integrating spin-offs, why would it be beneficial to spin off more?

[Michael_Entity] It would depend on your definitions of “Spin-offs”.

Assuming [your definition is] the same, it will always be the case in any given lifetime that aspects of your Personality “spin-off” into realities of their own. This is simply because Essence wants to not only experience EVERYTHING it intended (your TRUNK REALITY), but also all of the creative input from Personality. When you speak of integrating these Parallels [“spin-offs”], this may easily mean that other aspects of Personality [are moving] on, [being replaced].

Why do I feel compelled to stay in this relationship?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[MBV] Please help me understand the nature of my relationship with my boss and his wife. Why do I feel compelled to stay in this relationship?

[Michael_Entity] As we mentioned, we may be limited in our responses of the personal nature.

That being understood, one moment.

There are some elements not able to be covered in a format such as this, but we do see strong Agreements with the male. There are some obstacles unexpected and being accommodated, but the Agreement seems to be primarily with the male. The Agreements appear to be about exchange of healing or information that is capable of expanding choices.

When were most students together?

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-06-17]

In what time frame and location area were the most of us Michael students incarnate & interacting at the same time?

[Michael_Entity] Nearly all of our students (approximately 100,000 of you) were incarnated within the areas known as The Nile River in Egypt and Mesopotamia between the years of 2500 and 1700 BCE before the invasion by the Hyksos, which ruined what we often refer to as one of our “Golden Ages” with our students.

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