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Tri-bond within Entity

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-10-02]

[kittlekats41] I would like to know if fragments who are in the same entity and share all of the same casting information except are on three different ‘sides’ have any special connection or relationship, and how that might manifest?

[M Entity] There are variations of visualizations for how an entity may be “constructed,” and while the tubular pyramid is popular so as to provide the illusion of “sides,” the sphere is more accurate. We mention this because the connections among fragments within an entity happen in many “directions,” most often creating a star-like pattern radiating out from that position.

Thoughts on Structures

April 7, 2007

On the Twin Oaks list, there is some discussion about the various Cadre/Entity structure discrepancies offered from among the channels, so I thought this might be an interesting subject for discussion in a more appropriate space.

From what I’ve seen in regard to the entity and cadre structures is that there really isn’t that much discrepancy as much as there are various ways of describing the same thing… the greatest gap in understanding is in the various CONTEXTS that various channels seem to receive from Michael, and then there is some channeling that is just inaccurate.

The Rift in Cadre 1, Entity 1

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-08-17]

[MaryBV] Could Michael please expand a bit on the information available about Entity 01, Cadre 01? Perhaps a bit more information on the agreements Terri has with her entity mates on the list, a bit more information on the “rift” in the She-hulks and what the “fight” is all about, and why are there no other Kings around from the entity?

NYC Gathering to Find Entity Mates [2000]

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-08-17]

[ludmila] Many of us will be meeting up in NYC in a few weeks. Were we part of the Alexandrian Mystery School, or some other study group, and if so what is the agenda for our meeting up with each other at this time?

How to validate one’s entity?

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-03-09]

[Question] How to validate one’s entity, if one has never met a person who has been channelled as a member of that entity?

How can one draw wisdom from one’s Entity?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-25]

[a5] How can one draw the wisdom, help, of cycled off (disincarnate) entity mates? I’ve heard they are around to assist. True?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, of course they are available. It is one of the easiest of all connections to call on. What makes it difficult is that most of the “wisdom” feels like “you”. Trusting your impulses, [inner] voices, magnetism; these are messages from [non-physical] Entity Mates who are in some way working with you.

If you choose to give them a [literal] voice, as we have for ourselves through our channels, it would require a different approach, but the wisdom is available simply by asking.

Family Ikons versus Working Groups

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-01-04]

[momhawk] Hello Michael. I was wondering about family ‘icons’ vs. ‘working groups’ as per your channel Victoria Marina. This material seems more in the Shamanistic vein, and I was wondering if there might be another way to view this type of Information, from a different ‘angle’ or slant (Perspective ;-) Does cadre 1/entity 1 have any ‘task groups’ that may be exploring “abuse” themes? Thank you.

Entity Influences

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-24]

Entity Influences

[Tom] Oh, i didn’t see that note about the entities containing extra roles…so if you’re in the minority of the entity does that anyway influence how you act. So will i act more ‘warriory’ and ‘servery’ since most of my entity is that way?

[Troy] Yes, that is exactly right! At least that seems to be the case. If a Server comes from an Entity full of Warriors and Kings, let’s say, then even a Server from that Entity would be commanding and full of presence and loyalty, to be simplistic.

Entity 7 Validation Themes

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-03-10]


Entity Sevens are heavily themed with INCULCATION, meaning that those from Entity Seven tend to be repetitive and instructional in their behaviour to a distraction, even to themselves. Highly self-conscious, most from this Entity are preoccupied with the feelings of others and their ability to feel comfortable and capable in the current life. They are usually preoccupied with what is most healing to those they interact with and what will bring the strongest lessons out of the current contexts. Not all from this Entity are particularly in positions where they feel they are “teaching”, but they tend to be looked at as healers and teachers even when they don’t “want” to be in that position. People are generally irresistibly drawn to those of Entity Seven, even when the fragment from that Entity is in the negative poles.

Entity 3 Validation Themes

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-03-10]


Entity Threes are heavily themed with ENTERPRISING, in that most from that Entity are geared toward taking on anything skewed from from the acceptable “norm” and generating something NEW. These fragments, in general, are preoccupied with presenting to others a way of viewing life that is slanted and sometimes, veritably “kaleidoscoped”. Those from Entity Three are usually concerned with the “outcasts” and “eccentrics” of life, creating sanctuaries for small groups to find refuge, maintaining themselves as self-declared outcasts, or standing as an icon for “outcast” behaviour. We do not merely mean those who “feel” like outcasts, but we refer to literal outcasts that usually have very little ability to manage themselves in the current society. Though many old souls may feel they relate to this, it is those from Entity Three that tend to make variations of this work on an obvious level.

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