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[Excerpt from TT: 2008-09-14]

[Question] I would like clarification re: the 9/12 “Trues”. There are 9 Trues PLUS Life Task/True Work, but the 9 Trues are actually grouped in threes with the True Work to make 3 quadrates. Does that mean there are 3 different aspects to the Life Task/True Work depending on it’s quadrate, thus making 12 Trues, 3 of which are variants of True Work? or is it 9 Trues plus 1 True Work/Life Task? which would make 10 trues . . .

More on the 9 Pillars

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-07-10]

[tkmppi] Do others of the 9 Pillars have 7 alternatives as True Home does (wilderness, ocean, etc., with the usual M math I presume)? If so, what are they?

[MEntity] It is valid that each of the True Work, Play, Study, Love, Core, and Gift can be delineated as having 7 categories for each, but these would not be as personalized as our choosing more specific terms from within those categories.

For instance, True Work *could* be described as being the same as your Goal, but this would lend no insight into that specific Life Task, or methods for implementing that Life Task, even as it may fall under the broader umbrella of Growth, Acceptance, etc.

Is it part of my Life Task to write a book?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-25]

[s0] It has been suggested that I write a book about my life, is this part of my life task?

[Michael_Entity] It would be one way to express it, yes.
There is no SPECIFIC route with which a LIFE TASK must be manifested. In fact, what is most-misunderstood about a Life Task is that you SEEK it, or PURSUE it. In reality, you already DO it. It comes naturally. Incidentally, you are, in fact, in Agreement with several thousand Essences for a book.

The 9 Pillars or “Trues”

September, 2008

The 9 Pillars aka “trues”

Many of you have heard “True Work (Life Task);” “True Play;” True Rest;” and “True Study.” These are known as the 4 “Pillars of Vitality.” They create a quadrant. These were the most immediately applicable for most of our students once there is comprehension of the Overleaves. In fact, none of the “trues” are very practical if the Overleaves are not validated, accurate, and understood.

The 7 Stages of Life Task

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-07-13 + 4th IM channeling]

[Note: This is an edited version about the 7 Levels of Life Task excerpted from a student’s posted blog on the TLE website. The information was channeled in July ’09 by Troy Tolley. The edits were only to remove personal evaluations.]
[Note: The 4th IM channeling dates from before. OLB]

“Life task is a focused detail of the goal.”

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-07-13]

[Question] what is michael’s definition of real purpose / real task / real mission – is this something that is contractual between our essence/and, our fragment and, essence will come in to communicate it to us… it seems that this “real work” occurs for fragments between the 4th I.M. and, 5th I.M., does it have 7 levels of operation ??? and, if so, what are they ??? maybe some people do it ; before the 4th-and, starting of the th – and, do it throughout their lifes starting of the 5th – and, do it throughout their lifes