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When were most students together?

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-06-17]

In what time frame and location area were the most of us Michael students incarnate & interacting at the same time?

[Michael_Entity] Nearly all of our students (approximately 100,000 of you) were incarnated within the areas known as The Nile River in Egypt and Mesopotamia between the years of 2500 and 1700 BCE before the invasion by the Hyksos, which ruined what we often refer to as one of our “Golden Ages” with our students.

What’s Michael’s purpose?

[excerpt from TT: 2001-02-02]

[MaryBV] I am curious about the nature of the work that the Michael entity does. What is the purpose of the work and what is gained when a student learns a lesson the Michael entity teaches them? How does the Michael entity learn its lessons?

What type of channeling agreements do you have with students?

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-12-02]

[Question]: We’ve had discussion threads about the different feel to different Channels of You. Is the primary difference due to different fragment groups being accessed within You?

[MEntity]: We have elaborated on this question in the past, and will include it with Troy’s edited transcript of this session. This may shed a great deal of light on your question. [Note: see excerpt added at end of full transcript]

We can say to you now, however, that the accessing of various groups of fragments among us through different channels has the least significance in what you experience as differences. This is often used to explain the differences, but it has little, if no bearing.

What are Michael’s rules for giving us information?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-01-18]

[nemo999] What are the rules for giving us information? I don’t believe we can just ask you for a cure for aids. Also, the scientific information seems to be limited to the knowledge of the channel and most people are not science types to ask about quantum physics or quantum gravity, basically some things we need to learn for ourselves not depend on channeling.

Validating Michael

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-12-13]

[Question] You’ve discussed “templates,” and in an answer to me, you said, “Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can “play” the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations.” You said you’ve played a role as both Ra and the Delphi Oracle. Are you using a template or playing a role when you work through channels at this time in your teaching history?

True Community

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-04-04]


The dynamic that we have always seen among our little groups of students has been a dynamic that is as ancient as your commitment as students. It is not amiss to state that your creation and resolution of these scenarios are, indeed, a PART of your commitment as students in terms of your implementation of your work with the teaching. It is also not amiss to state that to the extent that your groups understand our teaching is the extent to which your groups are not repelled from one another.

Three Tiers of Channeling Agreements

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-11-06]

[freyaisissuz] We would like comment from Michael about exactly what is a secondary conscious channel with an agreement with Michael. Thanks

[M Entity] We are unclear as to what your question is.

]freyaisissuz] What does Michael say is a ‘secondary conscious channel’ so students will better understand the concept?

[M Entity] We do not recognize the phrase as being a part of our teaching, though one of our channels may have chosen it as a means to convey a concept.

[freyaisissuz] It is information given to Al by a Michael channel.

A personal history with Michael

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-08-04]

[Martha] I’d like to know about my “history” with you, Michael. How many lifetimes have I been a student, and did I know some of you when incarnate?

[MEntity] Your Essence’s history with us is rather extensive in that it has been a student from “the beginning,” when we first came through about 7000 years ago in the Mesopotamia area.

All lifetimes since approximately 4500 or 4600 BCE have since been active as a student, though not all lifetimes exemplified or explored our teaching specifically, as it is really only in this 21st Century that we have been able to lay out our actual Teaching.

The Next Level of The Michael Teachings

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-03-16]

[Upst8] What is next in the curriculum of the teachings?

[Michael Entity] All expanding levels of our teaching will continue to be extensions of LEARNING HOW TO CHOOSE and CHOOSING HOW TO LEARN, and with that in mind, it could be said that “what’s next” in our curriculum of teaching would be in the more specific dynamics of how to use choice is more than a simple form of navigation, but as a form of CREATION. Many of our students can grasp how one can bounce around through life and use choice as a fairly effective means of getting back on track, but much of life is still met with a passivity that allows room for Chief Features to dominate. Once the student truly grasps the magnitude of how choice exists, and can grasp the varying levels of choice that are occuring before, during, and after a lifetime, then the student can begin to grasp how choice can actually CHANGE reality before his or her very eyes, or shift positions of distaste into positions of empowerment almost immediately.

Michaels’ Work with 3 Tiers of Channels

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-12-04]

[H2OSprtLvr] [question was lost from the transcript, for some reason, but paraphrased, it read something like: “Do the various channels work with different parts of the Michael Entity and this is why there seems to be different answers to the same questions?”]

[M Entity] Our Entity responds as a whole, regardless of the various fragments within our entity with which a channel may have Agreements. We are never in disagreement or discrepancy across the entity as we respond through our channels.

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