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Why would Essence “spin off” parallels of itself?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-25]

[ha] Why would it become desirable to “spin-off” aspects of self, i.e., I’m in process of re-integrating spin-offs, why would it be beneficial to spin off more?

[Michael_Entity] It would depend on your definitions of “Spin-offs”.

Assuming [your definition is] the same, it will always be the case in any given lifetime that aspects of your Personality “spin-off” into realities of their own. This is simply because Essence wants to not only experience EVERYTHING it intended (your TRUNK REALITY), but also all of the creative input from Personality. When you speak of integrating these Parallels [“spin-offs”], this may easily mean that other aspects of Personality [are moving] on, [being replaced].

Spun-off Parallels

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-05-07]

[Ann] This past nexus seemed particularly intense. Is there any way of telling if an individual split off a parallel or if it was intense energies only?

[Michael Entity] All of you “spun off” parallels. We have yet to see any of our students who did not.

[H2OSprtlvr] I like the parallel I’m currently in. ;-)

Some Non-Merging Parallels

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-09-13]

[Question] Michael has said that some parallels were VERY different than others and won’t re-merge back into the total until well into the Causal. Can you give me several examples where history went off on completely different tracks, besides the nuclear war that occurred in one parallel back in our mid-1980s? I was told that I have several parallels that will never merge into this trunk or branch until we’ve all cycled off. I realize that each parallel considers itself to be the “true trunk.”

Roman Parallel

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-01]

[Upst8] Sometime ago, there was mention of the USA running a parallel course with the ancient Roman Roman civilization. Is the USA still on this course, and if so, where are we in the timeline with the Roman time era? (Been watching the HBO series of Rome, with interest)

[Michael Entity] Yes, this parallel course is still in effect and details of this were shared in a fairly recent chat with our students. Troy will include those details in the final copy of this transcript.

[Upst8] oh, must have missed that one, thank you

Questions about Probabilities

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-02-10]

[Question] Thank you Michael. 2 of your channels mentioned about feeling something ominous might happen this year when they were channeling the year’s energy report. 1 of the other channels said that there would be a mass exodus from the physical plane in March of this year. Are you able to give us any more possible details of this ominous feeling they had and could it be tied into the mass exodus in March, and would this give Bush the reason to put into play the Directive 53?  Gosh… I hope I got that right. ;-)

Probabilities for Next Two Decades

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-08-05]

[Question] Can you talk a bit about probabilities as they stand right now for the coming election in the US, and for our democracy and general sociopolitical situation here in the next couple of decades? Everything feels very fluid and somewhat confusing right now, and many of us feel that our country is not really a political democracy at all anymore.

Possible Changes for the U.S.

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-08]

[stryper] Michael has stated several times recently that the current government of the US will change to reflect the shift to a mature soul world. What type of government would that be? Additionally, what are the possibilities that may present themselves before we get there?

Planning for a Nexus

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[LE] So how can we work with our essence to choose a future direction?

[Michael_Entity] This happens by default… you [as Personality] are never truly disengaged from the process, but here are some things we might suggest:

Parallels and the Triad Process

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-07-15]

Parallels and Processes

[Michael_Entity] We are here. We will begin in one moment.

What we will do is discuss the Parallel Shift coming up and respond to any questions you may have about it. Then move into another area if time permits.

We remind you that the window appears to begin on a larger scale starting the 17th, with the actual shift window for most being on the 19th, and continuing through the 29th. The reason for the extended time window is due to the nature of the Community Shift. Some within your circle may begin or end their own version of the shift at a different point than yourself.

Parallel Universes

April 7, 2007

For help in contributing to this discussion, here is a transcript from Michael a long time ago on this very subject.


Decisions lead to Choices and Choices lead to the potential creation of Parallel Realities.

As Essence has a great interest in all possibilities within a lifetime, ALL Choices are explored in some way, some how. Parallel Realities are simply variations of a lifetime that share the same TIME, but different SPACE. In other words, each Reality is as “real” as any of the Realities, but each exists independently and separated by what might be best understood as a Frequency. Each Reality has its own Frequency and Essence has complete access to ALL Frequencies/Realities of a lifetime.

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