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What benefit are the Michael Teachings?

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-09-13]

[Question] What benefit is studying the Michael teaching now – from the point of view of future lives – if we shall presumably be completely ignorant of it then? In rare instances it may have helped to deal sensibly with a karmic etc. situation, but otherwise it seems to be mainly theory for most, and thus forgotten after this life.

Three Arcs of Meaning

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-05-06]

[Michael_Entity] It should be noted that there are 3 Arcs of Meaning to be created within a life and within relationships. A FOUNDATIONAL ARC exists as the primary meaning across which all effort ranging from basic nurturing to ultimate agape within that relationship or life is motivated. The Foundational Arc is the arc to which one must always remain close as the shorter arcs fluctuate. The Foundational Arc is what remains even when the life is completed or a relationship appears to have ended. If one were to think of the Foundational Arc as the full potential meaning that one creates for the life or relationship, it would not be amiss.

The Right to Express

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-03-09]

[Question] Currently I have an issue with a woman in my home owner’s association, Mrs. W. I’m the president of our HOA, and the minute she told us, via email, that she sent me a certified letter making demands, my reaction to it was to get very angry about it. I couldn’t contain my anger towards her when she arrived at our meeting and I yelled at her. This surprised me… that I got so angry because I rarely get angry with people. I have been looking at this issue of what caused me to get so angry with her and what am I missing about her to allow me to stop feeling my hackles raise when I see or even think about her. I know the anger I’m feeling is not really about her. Please can you shed some light on this… along with telling me how I might handle her with more positive results?


July 3, 2007

Although this will be in the podcast, most of you have been waiting for this since February, so I don’t want to delay any longer. I think it is so funny (in a sick kind of way) that the subject of Procrastination took so long to get done! hee hee I’d love for any of you with psychology or psychiatry backgrounds to comment on this!



July 2007

One cannot “let go” of judging others

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14]

[Question] How do we let go of judging others? I try so hard not to have those “He is so…” “She is such a …” thoughts, but they pop in uninvited, like little snarky gremlins. I know that I am doing it and breathe and release the thoughts, but it is like my mind pops back and again says, “Yes, but she IS a …”

Nature of Sub-Personalities

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-02-13]

[BradburySE] I feel like I’m starting to notice the effect of this more and more lately in people around me and I’d like to see if my perceptions are valid. I would like to ask about the nature of sub-personalities. Are they something all of us have and carry within us; parts of our current personalities? Or are they negative influences that exist independent of a fragment? Are they parts of past-life personalities, or some astral fragment?

[M Entity] Specifically-defined, a Sub-Personality is one facet of the Whole Personality that is usually unconsciously designated for specific management of specific feelings, situations, relationships, etc.

The Nature and Process of Grief

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-09]


Grief is always about change, and the process of accepting the truth about that change. This change is always in relation to something or someone else. Though the change may not be a literal loss or a literal death, the experience is always as if both of these have occurred.

How To Use Imagination?

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-06-12]

[Brian_W] In a previous time it was mentioned that “Imagination is the highest frequency owned by a physical fragment and its use is entirely misunderstood by many, at least in terms of its use for “extra-sensory” perceptions.” Could you please comment on how we may better use and understand our own imaginations and dreams, differentiate them from delusion, and use them to create new options for choices in this world / parallel?

[MEntity] The key to the refinement and use of Imagination as a valid resource for creating new options and choices is through the process of Validation.

How to help someone stop blaming?

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-11-05]

[christian] My question was promted by one of the Mblogs. How would I help my sister to stop blaming so that she could release the pain? It seems the pain has in part come to define her. I see that as restictive. Please advise.

How not to be a hypocrite?

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-06-17]

I would like to know Michael’s opinion on my problem of determining how far one needs to go to know that they are walking the walk rather than talking the talk. I want to live up to my beliefs, but it seems impossible to do 100%. How much is enough not to be a hypocrite?

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