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How do things appear on the Causal Plane?

[Excerpt TT: 2000-02-17]

[Nemo999] If I was to materialize on your plane what would it look like to me?

[Michael_Entity] This is a difficult scenario to translate. There are no needs for physical eyes in the Causal Plane, therefore, as a human this “place” may still remain “invisible”. The closest scenario we can come to transferring the experience of the Causal to you is more in terms of your Intellectual “a-ha’s!”… the space where everything suddenly makes sense and is connected clearly.

[nemo999] To me dreams are unclear and very hazy–what I picture as your plane of existence.

Feeling Trapped on the Physical Plane

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-03-07]

“If there could ever be an “original sin” identified, we believe it would be more accurate to identify the unconscious misinterpretation of the Physical Plane as a trap that must be risen above. By extension, this misinterpretation has manifested in many divisive ways. ALL “-isms” are a means to gain that illusory rise above what is most symbolic of what has trapped you here.”

[Val] Please expand on the word “trapped” in your explanation and Exalted chief features, what is your meaning is?