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What happens within 72 hours of death?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-11-21]

[Mike_Val] Can you tell us about what happens within the first 72 hours of death?

[M_Entity] Physically, or metaphysically, Mike?

[Mike_Val] Metaphysically, or both if you wish to elaborate.

[M_Entity] The first “72 hours” after death become quite meaningless in terms of hours. To the individuals still extant around the fragment who has died, this passage of time is more literal. In other words, what happens in the 72 hours after a fragment’s death may not be experienced by the fragment, itself, until much “later.”

Students banding together and traveling as a group?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[Barry] Would you comment on the seeming sudden urge for your students here to effect major changes in their lives? We have become excited recently at the thought of banning together and traveling as a group.

[Michael_Entity] This is the Instinctive Center being explored within your Cadres. These are more memories than they are plans, though there are clues contained within the impulses that are important to each of you individually.

This playful exploration appears to be allowing each of you to seriously support and “see” just what it IS that you would draw from as a talent or skill for contribution to a life you deem full of freedom.

Racism Due to Lack of Experiences

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-03-07]

[MaryBV] How much of racism is based on bad past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people?

[M_Entity] We would have to say that ANTI-racism is more indicative of past life experiences with or as part of a culture/people. Racism in its truest form is based in LACK of experiences.

Physical Memories from Past Lives

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-06]

[Question] Since we acquire new bodies each lifetime, why do we still carry “memories” of injuries from past lives into new lifetimes? How does this work? For ex. my back pain has been channeled as being from an injury from a past life that I am working out.

Past life vector with cave art

[Posted by MW on TLE 2011-01]

[Martha] Can you tell me about a past life (that you have not already) that has resonance to my current life?

Non-linear Incarnations

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-02-08]

[Geraldine] Hello, Michael :) My question has to do with the term non-linear and incarnations. In discussion groups some are saying this means that incarnations work like time-travel. For example, one might live one incarnation in the 20th Century and then the next one in 6,000 BC with the corollary that one could live different Soul Ages in any time. However, I’ve noticed that no one get channeled as experiencing a future life for the “now” incarnation. I’ve interpreted it to mean that lessons learned, agreements completed, External Monads completed, or karma earned and burned isn’t dealt with in consecutive lives, but more in a hopscotch manner. Could you elaborate on what non-linear incarnations means?

I made an appointment for a past life regression: what should I look for?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[nemo999] I made an appointment for a past life regression: what should I look for?

[Michael_Entity] Lifetimes usually resonate in groups, like chords being struck. We would suggest using your daily symptoms as a means to determine what to recall. By this we mean addressing any “nagging” behaviour, any decorative or creative expressions that seems to be from other times, or an illness. In your case, we would suggest seeking lives that contribute to your vague anger and sense of separation from your environment. We remind you that we do not see “past life recall” as necessary or particularly meaningful. It is certainly your choice and many results can occur from the seeking. Most past lives will “show up” for you when appropriate without the need for imposed extraction. Most who seek the therapeutic approach to extracting past lives simply to feel a forum of permission that will allow more validation of what is recalled. This then is actually a valid approach.

How can I differentiate between past life recall and imagination?

[excerpt from TT: 2001-06-03]

[JNelson] (From my mom) How can I differentiate between past life recall and imagination?

[Michael_Entity] They are the same. Imagination is incorrectly distrusted, when in reality it is your highest form of contact with various nonphysical aspects of life. There IS a difference between delusion and perception, however. Delusion requires you to enforce a vision, while a memory of a past life, or perception, “happens.”

[JNelson] But can’t you create things completely original with your imagination?

Higher than average incarnations

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-08-04]

[Bobby2] You had told me before that in this grand cycle that I’ve had 372 prior incarnations. From what I gather in comparing my information with others, this sounds like a much high number. Why have I had so many incarnations this grand cycle? Is the larger number typical of the warrior role?

[MEntity] Approximately 30% of your lifetimes appear to have ended before the age of 20 due to overeagerness, recklessness, and general extremes of the Needs of Adventure and Freedom.

Geraldine’s 2nd Grand Cycle

[Excerpt from TT (Team POF): 2011-04-11]

[Geraldine] Michael – The information on my first Grand Cycle was so intriguing that I’d like to continue in that vein by asking for similar information on my Spark’s Second Grand Cycle as a Server. Would you please describe the species, life cycle, planet, details on its evolution as a sentient species, notable traits, things learned as a server, etc. And, how many from my Cadre shared in this particular GC?

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