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Zipper of a Cadre & Energy Ring

April 2003

Traveling Companions

This wasn’t written very clearly, I am so tired. [tt]

Let me clarify that the Traveling Companions are the 6 other fragments, each from the 6 other Entities besides your own within your Cadre, who share the same position (your Raw Number, some call it) within their own Entity, as you have in yours. So, all fragments in the 100th position within each of the 7 Entities are linked dynamically, and the Traveling Companion who also shares your Casting Position is your Essence Twin. Usually, of the 7 Traveling Companions, 3 are paired as Essence Twins, and the other is linked to a fragment outside of the Cadre, in the same position. This is most commonly done by members of the 7th Entities of Cadres, linking to other 7th Entities.

Why do I not “miss” or long for people who might leave my life?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-20]

[Dewliet] Hi Michael. Would you please discuss the concept of “missing” other people (i.e. “longing for”) as it relates to overleaves, soul age, etc.? I seem to have kind of an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude and never really “miss” anyone, no matter how much I love them — this goes for my husband and kids, parents, everybody. I was wondering if this is likely a function of overleaves or some combination of CF and false personality.

Why Am I More Server Than Ever Now?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[a5] Does a fragment lose some of it ET’s essence if the ET is incarnate?

[Michael_Entity] In what way are you referring to the “loss of Essence”?

[a5] I’m Server/Sage, my ET is my son. I’m more Server than ever now. Is this because he is incarnate, or my duties as a mom ;).

[Michael_Entity] We understand. Obviously this will be a combination of factors you described, but we see that you have found a place that actually RECIPROCATES your energy in your son, your ET. That is part of your on-going lesson, actually: Recognizing WHERE your energy and actions actually are “useful” and utilized, rather than being exploited or “serving” just to serve.

What is guilt?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-02-28]

[JNelson] What is guilt?

[M_Entity] Guilt is pointless self-punishment. It is entirely based in Chief Feature. There are 7 Guilts, then, linked to each Chief Feature. It is a prolonged version of “learning a lesson.” We have shared extensively on this subject and Troy will include in this transcript a copy of our deeper treatment of that subject.

[See separate article “Guilt 101″]

What happens when one fragment is deriving pleasure from another fragment’s pain?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-02]

[See Conscious Connection to Essence, Parts 1-3, in their entirety]

[Azure362] What happens when one fragment is deriving pleasure from another fragment’s pain? Here is where I get confused. This encompasses all these levels, personal or collective, as in when society feels some sort of pleasure at putting some fragment to death, as in capitol punishment. So this would not be true connection to Essence then? So it is safe to say that some pleasures are of Maya?

What emotions are goosebumps and the “chills”?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-06-21]

[JNelson] What emotions are goosebumps and the “chills” a physical manifestation of, not counting responses to temperature? Or intellectual manifestations of, for that matter.

[Michael_Entity] This could be called “Instinctive Realization.” It is the result of the Lower Centers responding/reacting simultaneously as PARTS of the Instinctive Center. This experience is always linked to “realization” on a level that bypasses all of the Lower Centers, but creates a release in them as Parts in the Instinctive Center. When this occurs, it is safe to say that the very base part of you has resonated to something rooted in fear or desire. Fear may be obvious, but when the realization is in desire, as it is meant here, is in the connection made on a level wherein you had no previous realization that you were “expecting” something of that nature.

What does balanced man mean?

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-07-13]

[Question] “Balance implies obsolescence of the overleaves. Balanced man is no longer stuck. He is free to move in real space where there are no limitations” (Messages from Michael). I can only interpret this to mean that it is possible to change one’s overleaves – not easy, but in rare cases, possible. However, the overleaves can be regarded as part of the physical plane, and there is also the common idea that the positive poles of the overleaves represent the true personality. I don’t see any real conflict in this (as it sometimes appears in discussions), unless one assumes it is possible to exist on the physical plane without overleaves, as the quote above seems to imply. Comments?

What are ways to synchronize Personality and Essence on a day-to-day basis?

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-08-03]

[Anla899]: What are ways to synchronize personality and Essence on a day to day basis?

[MichaelEntity]: There are three very simple and effective ways of synchronizing Essence with Personality: Writing to Essence, Talking to Essence, or Meditating to Essence.

[Anla899]: How do we do those?

What are some reasons for discrepancies in overleaves channeled by different people?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-06-21]

[Dewliet] Hi Michael. Aside from what Troy would call “sucky channeling,” what are some reasons for discrepancies in overleaves channeled by different people?

[Michael_Entity] There are three facets to a Personality, the Akashic Records (or True Overleaves), the Perceived/Public Overleaves; and the Projected/Private Overleaves. The True Overleaves are just that, the True Overleaves. They are sometimes not understood or agreed with because they do not “match” the behavior the fragment appears to be exuding, but they are the Overleaves, nonetheless.

What are some examples of common old soul beliefs and emotions that limit our conscious connection to essence?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-02-03]

[Lights_Edge] What are some examples of common old soul beliefs and emotions that limit our conscious connection to essence?

[Michael_Entity] Common Old Soul beliefs are: that you all already “know it all”, especially relative to the “poor little young souls”.

That you deserve a financially abundant life free from effort; that your peers (other Older Souls) are weird (even as you appear weird to them); that you are from another planet (We speak of this last one relative to its preoccupation). Others are, that you are alone; that you do not fit in; that you must suffer; that if you can just ride out this life, it will all be over; that you are “tired”; that you are done.

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