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Three Tiers of Chief Features

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-06-09]

[Annsge] I would like to know about the secondary chief feature. I’ve heard that it affects the mode and/or it affects relationships. Is there anything in particular that is helpful in working with the 2nd CF? How does it affect relationships–and/or does it affect relationships more than the Primary CF?

[M Entity] We have spoken of the Secondary Chief Feature as affecting the Attitude and the Mode, depending on the context of the questioning. When we spoke of the Attitude being affected, there was less understanding as to how the Mode worked. The Mode is not one of the more understood Overleaves.

Self-destruction vs self-deprecation

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-01]  

Self destruction is my primary CF and self deprecation is my secondary.

[Martha] Can you tell me when my primary CF was settled on and its status today? I don’t feel too self destructive these days

[Michael_Entity] Self-destruction is one of the more insidious of the Chief Features, and does not always show up as so obvious, especially in the Older cycles. In your case, the fear of worthlessness was planted in the early teens, but quickly countered by a dive into self-expression and self-confidence.

Positive Versus Negative Poles

What is true humility, and what is true pride – as opposed to, respectively, self-abasement and chest-thumping?

[Troy] This is a great question, especially when a Chief Feature having a “positive pole” seems a contradiction. According to my work with Michael, they have commented on why Chief Negative Features can never, truly be “positive” and that is because the entire premise of a Chief Negative Feature is that it is based in DIVISION, or Separation. The negative pole usually describes a division that is BOTH within the self and between the self and the external world, whereas the positive pole describes a closure of the division within, but then remaining standing in division from the world.

Choosing Chief Feature Early In Life

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-01-07]

[tkmppi] If one chooses one’s Chief Feature very early, for instance at age 12, what are the consequences for one’s development?

Chief (Negative) Features 2008

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-03-28]

In light of the recent thread on Chief Negative Features, I wanted to toss this in for consideration:

1. Chief Negative Features are descriptions of HABITUAL REACTIONS. These habits can change and/or be eliminated.
2. Chief Negative Features are descriptions of NATURAL EXPERIENCES of life against which you have struggled to protect yourself.
3. Chief Negative Features are considered “never good” because even in the positive pole, they are still a battle against a natural part of life.
4. Chief Negative Features break down into 3 basic categories of SELF-ESTEEM (arrogance/self-dep), ENVIRONMENT (impatience/martyrdom), DESIRE (self-destruction/greed), and CHANGE (stubbornness).
5. Chief Negative Features can be further broken down into:

Chief (Negative) Features 2002

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-03-21]

Chief Features Part One

[Note: Part Two was never done. glb]

[M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. We understand the Topic to be that of what we refer to as the Chief Features. We will discuss, then, the nature of each Chief Feature, their paths of development, how they show up, and how each might be remedied or dismantled.