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Why Am I More Server Than Ever Now?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[a5] Does a fragment lose some of it ET’s essence if the ET is incarnate?

[Michael_Entity] In what way are you referring to the “loss of Essence”?

[a5] I’m Server/Sage, my ET is my son. I’m more Server than ever now. Is this because he is incarnate, or my duties as a mom ;).

[Michael_Entity] We understand. Obviously this will be a combination of factors you described, but we see that you have found a place that actually RECIPROCATES your energy in your son, your ET. That is part of your on-going lesson, actually: Recognizing WHERE your energy and actions actually are “useful” and utilized, rather than being exploited or “serving” just to serve.

Strong Essence Twin Influence

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-01]

[rvolkman] Hi Michael and Troy – Ron here – I’m a Warrior but I have a discarnate Scholar ET. Sometimes it feels like there is a “voice” inside that continually wants to describe how “things work”. Sometimes this is handy, but other times it is tedious. Can a discarnate ET have direct influence on us to the point where they may actually seem to speak through us or appear to be a part of our physical personality?

Levels of difference

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-05-10]

[tkmppi] What is the greatest possible difference in Soul age and level between Essence Twins?

[Michael Entity] Tuija, we have never seen the Soul Ages between Essence Twins to be more than 3 Levels in difference, but knowing the flexibility of our universe, there are probably exceptions.