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What are some examples of common old soul beliefs and emotions that limit our conscious connection to essence?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-02-03]

[Lights_Edge] What are some examples of common old soul beliefs and emotions that limit our conscious connection to essence?

[Michael_Entity] Common Old Soul beliefs are: that you all already “know it all”, especially relative to the “poor little young souls”.

That you deserve a financially abundant life free from effort; that your peers (other Older Souls) are weird (even as you appear weird to them); that you are from another planet (We speak of this last one relative to its preoccupation). Others are, that you are alone; that you do not fit in; that you must suffer; that if you can just ride out this life, it will all be over; that you are “tired”; that you are done.

United States Average Soul Age

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-03-04]

[kittlekats41] you mentioned that the majority of the population is at the early mature level in the world – what is it in the United States at this time – also early mature?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, the United States’ average Soul Age is around 3rd Level Mature, as is your planet and universe. This average does not mean you will feel it or see it as much as you will see and feel the remaining impact from the previous Soul Age average, of course.

[Note: Question was for median point, where majority is — not for average soul age. glb]

Transiting a Soul Age

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-12-14]

[luluaussi] If I am understanding correctly, the Unites States has shifted into the Mature Soul paradigm. My question relates to Soul Age shifts….how does one best navigate into a new Soul Age….I have been told that, like the US, I am evolving from one age to the next (Mature to Old in this case) and would like to understand how we can transition in the most effective manner ….and not hide in a cave til we get our land legs….

Soul Age Levels Change Slowly

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-02-03]

[TCB] I was wondering about the average soul ages of the Oracles at Delphi? Also, how those ‘experiences’ might be brought to bear now upon the various *participants*, at the current soul ages?

[Michael_Entity] Most of you have been within one level of your current Soul Age since the last manifestation of the Infinite Soul. For the thousand years approximately before the manifestation, those of you present here, moved only one or two soul levels. Many of you have been incarnating for nearly 6 million years. This gives you a larger scope of the process of living lives and transiting Soul Levels. Though some of you feel a sense of urgency or weariness at the game, Essence enjoys nearly it all. It strolls through your incarnations ecstatic, in most cases.

Overview of one person’s soul ages

[MW – posted 2011-01-06]

By “rough time periods” I meant roughly what time period.  Troy thought I meant rough as in horrible.  Enjoy! :)

[Question] What are the rough time periods I’ve spent in each soul age?

[Michael_Entity] There are variations on the idea of “rough,” and to you, some of your other lifetimes truly suffered, but the Personalities in those lives may not have found that to be the case at all. So our response will be relative to what you would consider “rough,” but not necessarily what those Personalities experienced.

Old Souls with Baby Souled Parents

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]
How old are your parents?

[Kimmi] I’ve read channeling from the M’s, that old souls do not pick baby souls as parents.

[Troy] I don’t mean disrespect to any channel who shared that information, but I would have to disagree from my own experiences and collection of information from Michael (through me and other channels).

On the contrary, Michael has said many times through several channels that Older Souls get “teamed up” with Baby Souls quite often. Infant and Mature get teamed up quite a bit, too. This teaming up can take many forms, including family.

Is strife due to soul age differences?

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-02-13]

[Tibtyc] Greetings Michael. It seems to me that a lot of irritation, friction and strife between humans stems from differences in soul-age. Different ages have a hard time understanding, or just tolerating each other. Sometimes I think young and old should try to keep separate (as in the Indian caste system). Or at least that *I* should stay away from people whose valuations (probably soul age) are different from mine. But most of the time I mix & mingle, using lot of my energy to criticize, admonish, trying to correct what I see as “follies of youth”, in a collective, cultural sense. Maybe this is a mistake. What is a good attitude of one soul age to another, especially towards younger souls? Should one criticize?

Correlating Soul Level to Soul Age

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-06-14]

[Question] An Infant soul has certain characteristics. Are these Infant Soul characteristics similar to what is experienced at each level. So that a person at a level one Old soul age, will be orienting to this new Age with some of the perspective of an Infant but specifically to the Old Soul experience.

Connecting with the Past

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-12-14]

[Ladislaus] Michael, I have a seemingly frivolous question. Humans like to party. To drink, dance, socialize, throwing balls and masquerades, playing party games, go to cocktail parties, discos, formal dinners, etc.
From whence comes this party-impulse? Is is just a marginal break from more heavy and important things, a way of “taking a rest” and recuperate? Or is is in itself something central and important? That is my question.