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Tying the Teachings to Astrology

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-02-10]

[Question] Hello, Michael, thank you. I read an amazing book that tied your teachings of Roles, etc. into astrological charts. Great detail was gone into using the Nodes, Saturn etc. and how they reflect the CF’s and much more. This work has been an inspiration for me and I wondered if there will be more work on using astrological systems with the Michael Teachings coming to us? Also, do you have any comments on using astrology within this context?  Book was by Gina Lake..

Is there any reliable method of calculating the time one was conceived?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-11-15]

[Elf] You have said that the astrological chart of the moment of conception is more telling than the birth chart. Is there any reliable method of calculating the time one was conceived?

[Michael_Entity] By observing the primary physical manifestation of the Body Type, you will know the planet at the Midheaven at birth. This can lend some clarity to determining the rest of the chart. If a Body is primarily Martial, this means Mars was near the mid-heaven, for instance. This can act as an extrapolation for the rest of the chart. Knowing the general time it took for the pregnancy, of course, will lend to that calculation.

How much does the retrograde of Mercury affect things?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[MaryBV] I am curious about the contributory nature of retrograde planets to the overall energy and how it effects us. For instance, how much did the recent retrograde of Mercury effects things? It seemed to really effect me, but I wonder if that is more the year’s energy?

[Michael_Entity] All planetary influences are subject to filtering through Overleaves, particularly the Centering. In an Instinctive Centered year such as this, all planetary influences will have a more profound effect. That is, if that particular effect is of interest to be utilized.

Birth Experiences

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14]

[Question] What does a Fragment experience differently when born prematurely (with no major health issues) in contrast to a “normal” birth – and why is this sometimes chosen?

[Michael Entity] The moment of the first breath is important to some fragments with very specific interests in the astrological configurations at the time. The moment of birth, whether delayed or premature or “on time,” has great importance in terms of body type and general karmic configurations and plans. All fragments learn to consider the astrological configurations as part of the dynamic that helps or hinders the implementation of life plans, though both Infant and Oldest souls do tend to just “wing it.” They do so for very different reasons.

Astrology – 12th House

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-07-10]

[Maureen] I have 3 planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) in my 12th house. It is often described as being the house of isolation, hospitals, i.e., retreats of any kind, BUT I find this incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. What is Michael’s take on this? What is the “true” meaning of the 12th house in Astrology?

Astrological Pattern Recognition

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-09-13]

[Question]  Right now we are in a period of ‘mercury retrograde’. All sorts of problems/issues involving communications, electronics, transportation, etc. are blamed on ‘mercury retrograde’. How much, if any, does the ‘appearance’ of a planet revolving in reverse direction around the sun really have? Is this a real influence or is this a case of ‘finding something because you are looking for it’? Or do we ‘create’ these incidents by our expectations?