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Tapping into Fear and Pain through Dreams

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-02-28]

[SusanSF] As to our community I’m sensing the same. A hidden has been uncovered that I want to respond compassionately. This is not a personal but a community I would like clarification on for All of us. It came from a validation from the astral dream time that could affect us All.

[M_Entity] And what is your question, Susan?

[SusanSF] Do I do anything about it or just let it ride? Or I can pass on to the next in queue.

Symbolism Used in Dreams and Waking

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-06]

[Question] I see a lot of folks who have bad dreams in my work and have found that while interpretation can be useful, people often find relief just by imagining a better ending for the dream. I don’t remember where I learned that (maybe from you?). Anyway it seems to bring relief from nightmares. What is the mechanism by which this works? is it just that I say it will and people believe me? Or is it something astral? or simply the subconscious mind doing its thing? All that seems to be required is a good imagination and being in “alpha” waves.

Has this group met up on the astral plane?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[S51]O.K. has this group met-up on the astral plane?

[Michael_Entity] Yes,…

[S51] I thought so, Thanx

[Michael_Entity] In the weeks prior to this event and in the weeks continuing, most of you will “gather” and study. What most of you will see in dream state is each other in symbolic form, an ACTIVE but elusive group of figures mostly. Another topic worth exploring in depth.

Dreams and Symbols 3 of 3

Dreams and Symbols 3 of 3

[See 1999-03-09 and 1999-09-02 for Parts 1 and 2, respectively]

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. One moment. As Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] shared, we will begin by taking questions in reference to our Energy Forecast first. You may begin if there are questions.

[Luna2ne] It sounds like this month is a clearing process for all of us? Before we begin work on this years platform, and the platform for the next 1000 years?

Dreams and Symbols 2 of 3

Dreams and Symbols 2 of 3

[See 1999-03-02 for Part 1]

[Michael_Entity] We define the Topic in two terms because they are not limited to any partitions you may believe experienced. What is termed “dreams” may easily be experienced in certain forms while meditating or simply noting your environment (including body) while in waking state.

“Symbols” are important on all planes up through and including the Causal. As you approach your waking state in as meaningful a manner of interpretation as you would a “dream”, much is gained. We began this Topic in March of 1999, this year, so we will not cover the basics again at this point, but we will continue.

Dreams and Symbols 1 of 3

Dreams and Symbols 1 of 3

[Michael_Entity] Dreams have become highlighted again, and usually are, during Parallel Shifts. This is one way with which to explore all of your options as ESSENCE and including Personality.

When one enters into Dream State, it is almost always entered through the Instinctive Center. The Instinctive Center acts as a mediating ground for determining what is to be experienced while the body is resting.

There are THREE levels or planes of Dreaming.

Astral/Lower Centers
Out Of Body/Higher Centers

Dream Symbolism

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-12-02]

[Question] Like so many others, we work thru life issues in dreams. Intense dreams with water….flooding. dark, raging storms or instant floods…swim through…waking up up very emotionally spent. Please explain the flooding in dreams. thank you.

[Michael_Entity] It is true that one level of dreaming is for the processing of events. In many cases the universal symbols are used to work through these events, such as Water equating levels of emotions. It could be said, then, that these descriptions you lend to your symbol of water are equated with the same descriptions you would give to some obvious experiences of emotion (or fears) in your waking life. However, what tends to be even more insightful in your dreaming is your position relative to the symbol. If you are drowning, the “meaning” can be very different from if you are managing a rocking ship.

Conscious Dreaming Techniques

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[LE] I know it is possible to wake from a conscious astral experience (AKA lucid dream) in to an out of body experience. Keeping the conscious mind awake has a considerable amount to do with this right? I.E., the degree to which the conscious mind is awake.

[Michael_Entity] “Conscious Dreaming” in its many layers and forms is not something that is easily manipulated. In fact, the more a person tends to “practice”, the more elusive this state becomes, much like gripping sand. One of the most effective entrances to Lucid Dreaming has always been through more of a KNOWING than through “techniques”.

Are all lucid dreams conscious astral experiences?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[f1] Are all lucid dreams conscious astral experiences?

[Michael_Entity] No, not from our perspective. There are three levels of dreaming: Symbolic, Astral, and Out of Body. There are more details within each of these and how they interact, but we do not have the length of time available to go into them here. Each of these levels could be described and experienced as “lucid”. We can have this as a topic on your lists of suggestions for the future if you choose…