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Would Michael please address media bias and suggest a reliable source?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-01-24]

[ClaireN] The news media in the US is extremely narrow and biased. Would Michael please address this and suggest a reliable source?

[M_Entity] We believe there is too much undue emphasis given to the possibility that your media is “biased” and “narrow.” A more accurate perception, from our point of view, is that it is “innocent” and “slow.”

We have rarely seen your media “hide” anything for long, or distort it for long, or manipulate it, etc. The truth does get out, even if not in the first few reports. We believe it is helpful to “follow” the news as it unfolds and remind yourselves that the people collaborating in reporting are humans involved in their own lives, fears, and agendas as you are.

What is the probability of Israel being destroyed in the next two years?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-01-24]

[nemo-sam] What is the probability of Israel being destroyed in the next two years?

[M_Entity] In what way are you defining “destroyed”?

[nemo-sam] A large part of its population killed or nuclear bombs being used on it.

[M_Entity] The probability is actually quite low, at 17% at this time. There is too much interest in that area as a means of intense Young and Mature Soul experiences. Most Essences see more potential in remaining in a tedious destructive path, rather than a “wiping out” and “starting over.”

[nemo-sam] Ok, I was thinking of a showdown coming.

Trying to Pin down Various New Age Prophecies

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-11-21]

[essenses] Regarding the prophesies of the indigenous peoples that say as we come to the year 2012, time as we know it will shift. Are you aware of a shift that will occur that will be very different from life as we know it now, and if so what would the change look and feel like?

Trilateral Commission

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-10-12]

[Question] Firstly, I did a follow-up question on the Energy issue and used the term “fake” structure for Debt. My meaning was that there is a vast difference between actually owning assets and being in debt for them. Hence, power erodes as debt increases; although, the appearances of power remain. Much has been written over the past several decades that the “true” power behind all governments has been the Trilateral Commission, a group of extraordinarily wealthy industrialists, bankers, politicians, and academics from around the world. They claim their purpose is to foster worldwide cooperation. In theory, their cooperation should have prevented the economic collapse, except some of the members appear to be major players or contributors to the deregulation that caused the crisis. What is the true role of the Trilateral Commission?

The Rift between the West and Islam

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-12-12]

[flimflamdamn] What are the chances for a healing of the rift between the Muslim world and the so-called “West”? I include Palestine-Israel and other parts of that region as well. The huge gulf in understanding and perception between us sometimes seems insurmountably huge. I feel like we are a tragically warring family.

[Michael_Entity] The more contact the “Muslim world” has with the “West”, the more likely this rift would be healed. It is in the lack of exposure of one culture with another that divisions remain instilled. The chances are quite high that this rift would heal, then, as the world becomes “smaller”, though the process of healing may be bloody for many.

Questions on Economy

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-10-12]

[Question] Can Michael give some perspective on the current economic crisis?

[Question] How do you see its effects for the future at this time?

[Michael Entity] We cannot and will not predict, but we can share our perspective of the patterns, as they appear to be unfolding at this time. Our perspective of the “crisis” is one that we see as a “good thing” in that it coincides precisely with the shift in Soul Age and with the shift in Global Platform from one of DEBT to one of CHOICE. The United States originated from Mature and Old Soul values and systems, but quickly fell back into the processes of the Young Soul paradigm because the Young Soul inhabitants under the older souls eventually began to run things.

Questioning Authority

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-04-25]

[ShannonB] There is much in the national news right now, about pedophilia in the Catholic Church. By all accounts, it seems to have become a crisis almost overnight, when this has undoubtedly gone on for hundreds of years. What is bringing this issue to the forefront at this time? Is this just one more instance of a dogmatic religion crumbling under its own weight in the face of the new Soul Level?

Probability of a Resource-Based Economy

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-05-10]

[luluaussi] hello Michaels. in regard to the approaching nexus: It seems that fear and greed is running neck and neck during these economic times with events such as the bulldozing of foreclosure properties in California which seem not only wasteful but without any real thought to “creating” only destroying …could you comment on this in terms of the upcoming Nexus….does the radical restructuring of the global economy and our connections to each other, how people view their participation in this process come into play with the new platform?

Probabilities of More War

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-05-23]

[Leela] I would like a basic “snapshot” of the world situation as it currently stands; could Michael please comment on the potentialities that exist right now for the Bush administration and other political entities, and for peace vs. war, or more nuanced versions of same?

Probabilities about Terrorism in 2002

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-20]

[ShannonB] I have to ask about the war. What are the continuing probabilities of terrorist strikes against the United States and the UK in the early months of 2002, and what kinds of strikes are being contemplated?

[M_Entity] The probabilities are still quite high at 72%. The Mid Western United States stands as the most vulnerable at this point, particularly Chicago. New York City is not “in the clear” yet, with general ideas to destroy either communications or public transports, both of which are not protected in any meaningful way. Paris and England stand as targets, but not nearly as high in probability at 48%. These numbers are being determined within the time frame between what is now and the end of March 2002, though this could change at any moment.

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