Chief (Negative) Features 2008

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-03-28]

In light of the recent thread on Chief Negative Features, I wanted to toss this in for consideration:

1. Chief Negative Features are descriptions of HABITUAL REACTIONS. These habits can change and/or be eliminated.
2. Chief Negative Features are descriptions of NATURAL EXPERIENCES of life against which you have struggled to protect yourself.
3. Chief Negative Features are considered “never good” because even in the positive pole, they are still a battle against a natural part of life.
4. Chief Negative Features break down into 3 basic categories of SELF-ESTEEM (arrogance/self-dep), ENVIRONMENT (impatience/martyrdom), DESIRE (self-destruction/greed), and CHANGE (stubbornness).
5. Chief Negative Features can be further broken down into:

ARROGANCE = protecting oneself from how others define you
SELF-DEPRECATION = protecting oneself from how you define you

IMPATIENCE = protecting oneself from the effects of TIME
MARTYRDOM = protecting oneself from the effects of SPACE

GREED = protecting oneself from WANTING
SELF-DESTRUCTION = protecting oneself from HAVING

STUBBORNNESS = protecting oneself from GROWING

6. Chief Negative Features can show up through yourself, or be provoked from others (despite their usual CF). For instance, if you have IMPATIENCE, you may feel you are not impatient, but you might provoke impatient reactions from other people.

7. Chief Negative Features range in symptoms from the obvious (martyrdom = victimized) to the less-obvious (martyrdom = efforts to control others, environment, movement of the life).

8. PRIMARY CF is relative to your personal goals in life (ambitions, efforts, presence), while SECONDARY CF is relative to your relationships in life (intimacy, family, sex, friends, etc.),

9. Michael has mentioned once or twice a TERTIARY CF, which I think (if I remember correctly) is relative to your Spirituality, or how you philosophically interpret all of life. [Note: in a later channeling Michael stated that the Tertiary CF affects/protects the Body (Type), or physical presence of an individual. OLB]

10. Your CF is most obvious when you are REACTING. When you feel charged about something, reactive, riled up, defensive, or extreme, it is probably related to the CF.

11. Bad days and depression and being upset and “negative” emotions DO NOT necessarily mean a CF is involved.

12. A CF is involved ONLY when one is protecting oneself from something that is natural to the life, most succinctly described by the categories listed above.

13. ALL CFs are based in FEAR (the reaction to protect oneself), but not all fears are Chief Negative Features.