Civilizations rise and fall

[Excerpt from TT (Private Session): 2011-05-26]

[Geraldine] You mentioned a great civilization about 1 million years ago. Where was this located?

[MEntity] Most sprawling cities have always been along coastlines, having various portals and centers, but connected, nonetheless, allowing for them to be “one city.” Most of the coast lines where these existed are no longer coast lines, but could be said to have existed on nearly every known continent at this time.

[Geraldine] How did they integrate their farming/food needs with this type of urban sprawl?

[MEntity] Having the coastal sprawl allowed for easy access via water, air, or land, along with great resources of energy and food from the sea. Foods and “farming” that could not be sustained on coast lines were simply further inland, and in fertile lands that acted as resources.

The concepts that were in place at the time were for the coastline cities to be the end-result of the infrastructures that support the populations, so that the “cities” were where life was lived, and the inland or sea-bound resources were only there for those resources, and then funneled into those areas of living.

These networks were very much modelled after what might be seen as a “chakra” system and its meridians.

This would usually show up as the various centers along the coastline “specializing” in various relevant contributions to the whole, with a “spiritual center” a “sexual center” an “entertainment/communications center,” etc. and those who were skilled in those contributions, naturally, would be at the core of those, traveling to the other centers for needs beyond their skills.

[Geraldine] Civilizations don’t begin during the immediate period. There is a several hundred year period where population explodes, technology rapidly evolves, and changes happen. Since I’ve been told about the level of human civilization at the 1 million year mark, were there pivotal changes that caused this level of expansion?

[MEntity] There is always an intervention factor for every wave of civilizations that have come and gone; even the current civilization (or mankind) as a whole is a result of intervention.

Because the human species is a hybrid, there have always come periods of instability in the bodies that make up humans as hosts for sentience, and these usually peak in large cycles, then collapse, and have to be stabilized by intervention, and then rebuilding begins.

The interventions happen in two ways: through caretaker intervention, which might be seen as “aliens,” and through the bringing of the Logos through the Infinite Soul manifestations.

When metaphysical instability begins to be profound, the Infinite Soul manifestation occurs. This metaphysical instability would include emotional, intellectual, and “spiritual” instability of the collective bodies at the time, and the probabilities that those bodies would give rise to even further instability without intervention.

[Geraldine] Oh, so the list of Infant Souls that I have, along with times, are each an intervention to stabilize
[Note: “Infinite Souls” was meant here. OLB]

[MEntity] Infant Souls do not usually create the intervention, but are part of the population of those who are intervened.

When physical instability begins to be profound, such as self-destruction, destruction of great parts of the planet, and degradation of capacities for evolution, then “alien” intervention occurs.

On the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels, Intervention happens as necessary and has happened multiple times throughout the history of your sentience.

However, “alien” intervention has occurred only 6 times, including the last “upgrade” that occurred approximately 300,000 years ago.

In other words, the bodies that now make up Human sentience are the 6th “version” of Human on Earth, with gaps in the evolution between those leaps because of the interventions.

The civilizations of approximately one million years ago were the result of approximately 750,000 years of evolution. Each “upgrade,” so far, has brought with it an accelleration of productivity and rematching of previous degrees of cultural and technological developments, albeit in quite varied variations.

The next “upgrade” would be one that allows for the human body to travel beyond its Solar System, which, at this point, would destroy the bodies that are currently being used.

[Geraldine] why do you use aliens in quote marks — are they something else, rather than alien species from other worlds?

[MEntity] We are putting quotes around “aliens” as these non-terrestrial beings have long been involved with humanity, and while there are great aeons of time that pass between these interventions, they are no more “alien” than those who exist on continents other than your own.

Because of the initial causes behind your species/sentience being redirected to Earth, the investment and passion in keeping your species alive and viable for sentience has been a long-term, profound commitment by a network of species beyond your Solar System.

This is a rather unique and fascinating experiment.

[Geraldine] Surely they’ve nearly cycled off?

[MEntity] Some have. Yes. Some responsibilities have been “handed down” from one species to another species over time, but most are still the original species. It is not unusual for the incarnational cycle of a species/sentience to be the equivalent of what you might see as 10,000,000 years.