Difference between Faith and Trust

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-08-09]

[Question] Hello Michael. Can you talk about the difference between Faith vs. Trust, particularly in regards to Life or “The Universe”? Michael says blind Faith is a negative pole thing, but I have trouble seeing how Trust in something as intangible as “The Universe” is not the same thing as Faith. Please elaborate?

[Michael Entity] We see the difference between Faith and Trust as vast. Faith inherently asks of you not to question, and further to turn a blind eye to any discrepancies between what you expected, intended, or wanted vs what you experience. Trust, however, is based in experience that has already been gained, and allows room for questions and redirection from the less-desirable.

This is not to say that people will use these words in the same way that we define them; in fact, many use these words interchangeably, with Trust being the more “new age” replacement for Faith.

There will always be steps forward into the unknown that require Faith or Trust, depending on your preference. However, Faith would be a free-fall jump into the unknown, whereas Trust would allow for you to use tools that are familiar to you, and allows for a discerning eye along the way.

In short, Faith is resignation; Trust is participation.

[Question] Yes, I suppose my question has much to do with how to “Trust” the unknown.

[Michael Entity] If you are moving into “the unknown,” then the Trust that one can pull up would come from experiences that are relevant to the current step into this unknown.

For instance:

The unknown may be lying ahead, or around you, but it is almost certainly the case that you have stepped into the unknown in your past, as well. Trust, then, could come from the fact that you survived the unknown before, so it is possible that you can do that again. Trust could come from the fact that despite your steps into the unknown, you know of resources for support and guidance that can help you along the way. Trust does not ask you to hope for the best; it allows you to help create the best, as best you can, if you choose to do so.

Keep in mind that Surrender is also a form of Trust, which is the recognition of forces larger than your capacity to control, but you know you can do your best to navigate within those forces. For instance, you may not be able to stop a hurricane, but you can Trust that you can do what you can do to protect yourself in that context.