Differing memories for different parallels

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-01]

[Martha] I want to follow up on my question from the Personal Open Floor chat about people having different parallel memories, and how older souls could slip around the parallels.
I’m starting to feel like I’m from a different parallel than the one I “remember”, but I’m crazy like that

[Michael_Entity] You are a heavy experimentor.

Though we speak to you about this, we do not have the format here to clarify that it is not as fantastical as it may sound.

[Martha] can I get more in my forum?

[Michael_Entity] If Troy can get us to them.

In terms of your experimentation, we can elaborate here that we mean that you do not tend to allow the physicality dimensions to interfere with the emotionality and intellectuality dimensions, which allows far greater room for “memory” and awareness of the fluctuations of reality.

To clarify:

when reality shifts in the most literal sense of the term, the physical dimensions of reality diverge into multidimensions or merge from multidimensions. It is only upon this diverging and merging of physical dimensions that parallels are created in the most literal of sense.

If one were to visualize this, a divergence might be something like the coming into focus of two just-out-of-sync images overlaying one another, whereas a divergence is something like the blurring of layers of an image as they pull apart. Another way to understand this is that a parallel dimension exists within the same TIME, but not the same SPACE.

Up until the point of this literal merging or diverging, Physical Dimensions can be shared, which means that there may be certain anchor points in your history that mark certain events that are used as a reference for memory by others who share in your Physical Dimensions. However, the sharing of Physical Dimensions does not equate the sharing of Emotional or Intellectual Dimensions.

This means that for those who are more aware, the “memories” can become slippery, because, while the anchor points may be valid, the paths leading to and from them may be include several emotional and intellectual variations, or even include completely separate anchor points that did not merge into the current reality.

[Martha] like the houses that “changed” in my neighborhood last year?

[Michael_Entity] For most, a minimal number of anchor points are acceptable for the brain to process memory, but for some who can carry over the emotional and intellectual dimensions of a parallel shift, even as the physical dimensions may stay the same or change, variations on anchor points come into play.

Because most bodies and brains prefer the consistency and comfort of a few anchor points, then when a literal, physical shift has occurred, those anchor points will be replaced with ones relative to the “new” parallel, creating a seamless shifting. For those who experiment, or develop a sensitivity to these shifts, those anchor points become something more like collections, paradoxes, and even confusing conflicts in the memory.

Imagine that a timeline begins as identified by the letter A.

This develops anchor points 1, 2, and 3.

A then branches into B, C, and D, and now there are anchor points A1, B1, C1, and D1, etc.

B develops its own anchor points of 4 and 5; C develops 6 and 7; D develops 8 and 9.

B, C, D will share slight variations on 1, 2, and 3 anchor points, but have completely separate anchor points represented crudely here as 4/5, 6/7, 8/9.

For most, the pattern can be traced back as relative to whatever parallel is being traced back, so to speak, like tracing the path backwards from the end of a twig to the trunk.

However, those who are sensitive, while always anchored on a branch, so to speak, can “see” the rest of the tree, or at least those branches closest to the current frame of focus.

[Martha] thanks, a lot to ponder as usual

[Michael_Entity] So, for instance, while you may be in a parallel identified as C, with anchor points 6/7, not only might you also “remember” anchor points 4/5, and 8/9 from B and C, but you might remember the variations that are A1, B1, and so on.

We realize that a visual may be easier for following this, but we can assure you, your Essence manages all of this quite easily.

[Martha] makes chit chat about the past in a social setting problematic :)