Dream Symbolism

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-12-02]

[Question] Like so many others, we work thru life issues in dreams. Intense dreams with water….flooding. dark, raging storms or instant floods…swim through…waking up up very emotionally spent. Please explain the flooding in dreams. thank you.

[Michael_Entity] It is true that one level of dreaming is for the processing of events. In many cases the universal symbols are used to work through these events, such as Water equating levels of emotions. It could be said, then, that these descriptions you lend to your symbol of water are equated with the same descriptions you would give to some obvious experiences of emotion (or fears) in your waking life. However, what tends to be even more insightful in your dreaming is your position relative to the symbol. If you are drowning, the “meaning” can be very different from if you are managing a rocking ship.

It is always a more direct and accurate route of dream interpretation for the individual to write down what the symbols mean to himself or herself and then put it back into the context of the dream and assess how those symbols interact with each other and the dreamer.

In general, though, water is often used by fragments to symbolize emotions, or the lower astral plane (emotional plane).