Energy Report: 2003-09-07

September 7, 2003
Troy Tolley, Channel
Energy Report

[MichaelEntity]: In keeping with the schedule that has been arranged for our communications with you, we will speak about what we refer to as the ‘energy report’ for the next several weeks.

Over the past few weeks, issues of exploring your ideas of “safety” seemed to be a theme among many of our students. When we speak of “safety”, we do not simply refer to the protection required for crossing a street. We speak of safety in terms relevant to all three of your basic Centers; emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

If each of you were to explore the underlying theme of the past few weeks, you may find that you were participating in that energy, exploring experiences of exposure, emotional honesty, beliefs, and even the obvious material concerns. While Safety is not uncommon to explore, there are periods of time that seem to be more “popular” for addressing these issues. When we speak of a “theme” in an energy report, we are speaking specifically about the most predominant energy resonating among a group of fragments. When a theme is predominant, this means there is more support, more energy available for making breakthroughs or changes. Sometimes the energy that is most predominant is at odds with your interests, in the same way that a rainy day can interfere with your plans to picnic. In that case, understanding the predominant energy can help you to navigate the people and events of a period of time as they participate in that energy. You may then decide to “dance in the rain” along with everyone else, or use an “umbrella”. We mention these variations because we have noticed a few of our students have tackled the issues of safety and trust, but are still finding themselves managing people and events around them that are still dealing with these issues.

As of September, most of our students will find they are either HELPING OTHERS, or BEING HELPED. There is no good or bad position, but understanding that a more defined division is occurring will help you to keep a sense of compassion and patience, rather than a development of resentment or victimization.

Some of you have denied, evaded, and outright rejected all forms of support or help over the years, and this year is beginning to wear your “armor” down more than ever. You may finally begin allowing the support you need.

Some of you have given beyond your means and are in need of replenishment, in need of redefinition. You may finally begin to define your boundaries.

And some of you have refrained from reaching out to help others, withholding your actions for personal reasons, most of which are related to a chief feature.

In other words, those of you who have avoided recognizing help may have a chance to acknowledge the circle of support that is available to you. Those of you who have always given beyond your means may finally discover a sense of permission for personal time, for “me time”. And those of you who have withheld your capabilities to help others, you may find you have the confidence and energy to reach out.

[MichaelEntity]: Over the next couple of weeks then, the energy seems to be moving toward your having a more conscious shifting in your spectrum of experiences around this recurring subject of Safety.

As we must always qualify, we do not intend our statements to be interpreted as predictions. They are merely comments from our perspective about a momentum of energy as it appears to be patterning. These patterns may change. As the month unfolds, however, the planet is appearing to moving toward another of what we refer to as a “Nexus”. Shifts in energy among consciousness on a large scale are not unusual or uncommon. A global shift, or a Nexus, happens at least once a year, often twice, and more rarely, three times.

[Gadreel Grigori]:  May I request clarification? “A Nexus” or “The Nexus”?

[MichaelEntity]: It would depend on the context of our sentence. In this case, we would find little difference between the articles “A” and “THE”, though we can clarify that we do not imply there is a grandest Nexus of some sort. Since this would be the first and only Global Nexus of the time period referred to as “the year”, it could be said that this is “The Nexus” for the year.

[Gadreel Grigori]: My apologies. I was trying to determine if you were speaking of the place, or a quantitative quality. I see now that you were speaking of the quality, not the locale.

[MichaelEntity]: The locale of a Nexus is always residing within each individual fragment. It is not that the world changes around the fragment, but rather that the interpretation of the reality is changed within the fragment or group of fragments. While highly simplistic, it could be said that the globally-shared reality is a frequency that is collectively chosen (tuned in to) on some level; a “reality station”.

As the month progresses, a Global Shift in parallels (Nexus) is appearing to be manifesting around the last few days of September. Considering the theme that has appeared to be prevalent over this year, we believe this Nexus will be focused on issues of NEED. We will speak more about this as that time nears.

In general, over the next few weeks, it may be of benefit to you to address your position in terms of Safety/Help. Do you overextend yourself? Do you evade help and support being offered to you? Do you avoid reaching out? You will more than likely fall into one of those three general areas.

Once you have determined how you experience issues around Safety, you may then explore what is important for you to balance as a means to feel more alive. In most cases, “feeling more alive” will mean experiencing the counter position of your usual position.

We will open the queue now for your questions. We realize there is a time constraint, but we believe we have shared a fair picture of the weeks ahead.

We will note here that a Global Shift is usually accompanied by a mass distraction, usually covered by the media. This would more than likely relate to the issues of Safety and Need. This Global Shift will bring many versions of reality to choose from, of course, but the most obvious will be in the reversal of resistance to help, and the overextension of help between the U.S. and Iraq.

[MichaelEntity]: We will clarify our previous statement: The Global Shift will most likely address the refusal of help for Iraq, while the U.S. deals with its highly overextended efforts to “help”.

[MichaelEntity]: Yes, Joe.

[SilverOne126]: Can Michael comment on whether the Apostle Paul reincarnated since he lived in the first century and if not why has he chosen not to do so? Thank You.

[MichaelEntity]: The fragment known as Apostle Paul has reincarnated since the first century. Twice that we are aware of.

[MichaelEntity]: Next, Michael.

[Gadreel Grigori]: Two questions, Michael. Is the Logos, in fact, being brought to bear within my generation? and secondly, has the hummingbird reincarnated yet? (the latter is, in fact, a much more generalized question than it would seem)

[MichaelEntity]: The Logos is brought to bear in times of extreme. It is a “last resort” as a means to help encourage a Sentient Species away from an indulgence of Chief Feature on a mass scale. Over the past 100 years or so, there have been several candidates incarnating as possible vehicles for the Infinite Soul. Currently there are 5 candidates incarnated at various ages, within various countries, races, and sexualities. If the Logos is to be “brought to bear” within your generation, it would most likely manifest through ALL of the fragments.

[Gadreel Grigori]: but not Merry?

[MichaelEntity]: At this point, the potential for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul is at approximately 44%, though we would suggest inquiring again in October. We do not see the fragment you refer to as Merry to be a candidate.

Gadreel Grigori: and the hummingbird?

[MichaelEntity]: Due to the constraints suggested for this forum, we are to only respond to one question at a time from each participant. [Note: Michael would have continued responding to questions posed by one person, but part of my responsibility as a channel is to monitor the exchanges to some degree. I asked that they move on from this questioning, only because time was limited and they had already responded to two questions from one person. I hope this moderation doesn’t offend anyone.]

[MichaelEntity]: Next, Sam.

[slacnj]: Can you give us any more information on the climactic event you suggested was going to happen in September?

[MichaelEntity]: The Global Nexus is as “climactic” as we could have suggested. The speculation from our short sentence shared in our previous discussion, we realize, has led to some apocalyptic possibilities among the speculations among our students, but we did not speak in such terms at that time.

[slacnj]: ok, thanks, no apocalypse

[MichaelEntity]: It is simply another shift in collective perceptions of reality. What is chosen to be seen, remains to be seen.

[MichaelEntity]: We wish to clarify here that any shift in reality, whether on a Personal, Community, or Global Level, is NEVER imposed on a fragment or group of fragments. Shifts in reality are an accumulation of decisions that lead to pivotal choices on personal, community, or global levels of consciousness. The choices can then generate probabilities that feel good or are terrifying, but they are all a product of choice and decision on some level. The more consciously decisions and choices are made, the more likely you are to find your reality in harmony with your wants and needs.

[MichaelEntity]: “Anla” is next, and the queue is closed.

[Anla899]: How do the different Chief Features affect perceptions of safety?

[MichaelEntity]: Each Chief Feature is part of an axis. Each axis of Chief Features deals with a specific area of Safety, if you will.

In terms of Self-Destruction and Greed, the issues are focused on HAVING: either HAVING too much or HAVING too little.

In terms of Impatience and Martyrdom the issues are focused on CONTROL: Control of Time, and Control of Space.

In terms of Self-deprecation and Arrogance the issues are focused on BEING: having your Being not seen clearly or accurately, or having your Being seen too clearly and accurately. This axis could also be described as being focused on EXPOSURE: being distorted or underexposed, or being too clearly revealed or overexposed.

Stubbornness focuses on CHANGE: changing too little or too much. In other words, Stubbornness can show up as changing so often that no real change is ever dealt with, or a complete refusal to change at all.

With all of these brief descriptions, it could be said then that the Chief Features will affect the perception of Safety in very clear ways related to the Chief Feature. For example, those dealing with HAVING will most likely deal with how things relate to the Personality. In other words, how the Personality feels about owning the energy shared between him and his life. For those with Chief Features dealing with CONTROL, the safety issues may be about how the life seems unmanageable, overwhelming, consuming, too fast, etc. For those on the EXPOSURE axis, these fragments may deal with issues of intimacy, resentment, longing, and feeling safe emotionally.

To be even more distilled in our explanation, it could be said that the “Having” axis deals with safety issues revolving around the Intellect, ideas, beliefs, interpretations. Those dealing with the “Exposure” axis could be said to be dealing with safety issues revolving around the Emotions, relationships, socializing, people, and “the heart”. Those dealing with the “Control” axis may deal more with the Physical, material, and tangible elements of the life. Stubbornness, or the “Change” axis, would then use any of the other axis as a method to increase pointless change, or to halt change altogether.