Energy Report: 2004-06-03

June 3, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Note: I found this report to be disjointed and weird compared to my other experiences of channeling, so the topic was not lost on me. Channeling that night felt all discombobulated and choppy. There is some editing done here for clarity, but you may still see that even I am suffering from some kind of weird unconnection within. -Troy]

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here.

We will focus, as requested, on what is referred to as the “energy report” as we see the patterns in June.

On a general note, the energy has been fluctuating within the definitions of this year’s Modes, which are PASSION/RESERVED axis. April through June emphasizes the Mode of the year, though older souls may feel the effects as early as February. The impact of this Mode means that you may have seen your relationships, whether intimate or professional, shifting from “hot” to “cold” in very surprising and unexpected ways, or for that matter, from “cold” to “hot”. Relationships that had security may have been thrown into flux, while relationships that may have seemed peripheral now seem prominent. Most of the shifts in terms of relationships have already been experienced by most of the older and mature souls, with June being an implementation of footing within any permanent changes. Of course, there will still be “straggling” instances of surprise within some of your relationships within June, too. While PASSION/RESERVE is emphasized, stability will not be completely present.

We use the term “relationships” to include your intimate, social, professional, and political relationships. This may help put some of the past few months’ experiences into context. We are describing the symptoms, but we will now elaborate on why this emphasis is so.

As the year progresses through the months of April through June (again, as early as February for some older souls) with the emphasis on the cycle of the Mode being implemented, relationships tend to go under heavy scrutiny during those months in any year. This year the Mode was being emphasized within the context of the Goal of Re-evaluation and within the overall energy set in the energy of SAGE and EMOTIONS.

With the Mode being Passion/Reserved as a means to Re-evaluate, and with the added dramatic or child-like quality of SAGE, and the use of Emotions as the medium, it may be easy to see why the spontaneity of shift between “hot” and “cold” comes into to play during this year. In most cases, the relationships affected are those in which an important change is/was necessary, in terms of upgrading, eliminating, redirecting, lightening, revitalizing, etc.

We have been speaking on a rather large, encompassing level so far because we wish to share with you insights that may help you to help others, even if you have not directly experienced the impact of this energy. You may find acquaintances or loved ones experiencing these shifts and fluctuations and your insight can be couched in your own form of expression as a means to help.

On a more specific level within our circle of students, the most prominent energy has been in a minor shut down (or dampening) of the intuitive faculties. There appears to be a “dampening” of our student’s abilities to intuit, sense, or gauge the future, leading to uncertain choices, or a sense of blind choices being made; a sense of a compromised connection to your usual inner guidance.

Older souls have been feeling a sense of moving forward blindly, making decisions based on limited tactile information, and “going through the motions” without that familiar sense of “knowing” or trust. Not that Older Souls always have a sense of knowing, but there is a familiar ability to at least sense a direction. Instead, it appears that many of our older soul students are simply riding a momentum that feels as if it has already been implemented through previous choices.

This “dampening” is due to the impact of the coming “season” of Pragmatism as this is the Attitude energy for this year. Older souls are very uninterested in Pragmatic methods of living and choosing, simply because it is “boring and limiting” to a great degree for the older soul. Older souls who have Pragmatism as their own Attitude may disagree, but they are simply being practical in that stance.

Pragmatism is merely the fine line between being repetitive and blind to options beyond what one has already determined, and being open to all options while choosing the most efficient method for that particular event.

Currently it appears that the negative impact of Pragmatism is affecting the older souls, making them feel as if events are being funneled into a stream beyond the ability to change that stream. Even if that stream is actually pleasant and wanted, there may be a sense of that stream moving on its own volition, rather than as a product of recent wisdom and choice. Of course, none of this is simply a random energetic pattern; it is a pattern generated from the inclinations of the collective consciousness.

The impact on the older soul feels more restricting because of the older souls’ resistance and general distaste for the “efficient” and routine manner of living under Pragmatism. Although older souls are certainly adaptable, they generally prefer a less-monitored manner of living. With that resistance comes the dampening of the intuition in regard to external events. In other words, with Pragmatism comes more self-monitoring, which can feel restricting, especially within the scrutiny of Re-evaluation. For younger soul ages the scrutiny may be on a different level, but for older souls the Re-evaluation and Pragmatism are directed at the intuitive faculties and inner sense of guidance.

An aside: During any “seasonal” shift into an emphasis of a year’s Overleaf, the “entrance” into that energy is usually through the negative pole of that Overleaf, then a movement into the positive pole, with intent to find balance with flexibility at some point after. For instance, as you move into Pragmatism, you will be dealing with all of your personal Dogma (negative pole) in relation to your intuition before opening to new, more Efficient (positive pole) methods.

If you are feeling affected by this Pragmatic energy, which will be emphasized through September, it may do you well to find practical NEW ways to use your intuition or tools for navigation toward the future. Your own routine methods of intuition and guidance may need to be revamped, revitalized, or “rebooted”. We can offer a couple of suggestions that may help:

A — Use a tangible, tactile method of intuiting your future or making important decisions, such as Tarot or any form of contemplation that engages the body, such as yoga, walking, playing, singing, laughing, sex, etc. We suggest being physically-interactive as a way to retune your intuition because this year is couched within the energies of the Emotional Center, Intellectual Part. The Moving Center will do well to be brought into your use to balance the year’s energetic emphasis.

B — Turn to external sources you feel you can trust for support and guidance in your decisions or perceptions of the future, whether those sources offer guidance or simple comfort. It will do you well during the next few months to open up to your circles of support. We remind you that you are in someone else’s circle of support, and may be called upon for your support. It can help greatly to find other perspectives to cross-reference or add to your own so you can gain a better picture.

This sense of dampening or distortion of your intuitive faculties appears to be relieved within the first week or so of August as you adjust to the more positive elements of the pragmatic energy “in the air”.