Energy Report: 2007-07-03

July 3, 2007
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

BASIC INTRO and Background:
Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.

Our Overleaves system can be used to describe any collection of energies, ranging from the dynamics of the actual Personality to the general “mood” of a room, society, fictional character, theme of groups, or a planet’s general atmosphere of consciousness. In addition to this, when a block of time is selected, that time frame can be translated into a description of energies based on what we perceive as the momentum of events, consciousness, and choices that will POTENTIALLY contribute to that period of time. The Overleaves for a year, then, are our interpretation of those events, consciousness, and choices as we see that they are most likely to be brought to bear in your world. The more participating one is in “the world,” the more likely these energies will be of concern, though one’s inactivity does not exempt one from world or local energies, anymore than staying inside can take away the fact of a rainstorm. The rainstorm outside can have as much an effect on one inside as on one who is outside, depending on personal interpretations and experiences of that rainstorm.
The very basic energy, or basic context, of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can contribute to your year feeling “comfortable” or “challenged” during the year unfolding, depending on your own Overleaves and your method of participation in “the world.” These two energies are most obvious in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year.

It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect ALL year, but the particular frames of time described below are the “seasonal” emphasis of those particular Overleaf qualities.

General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis:

The ENTIRE YEAR is based within the energies of the ROLE and CENTERING.

January through March implements and emphasizes the GOAL.
April through June implements and emphasizes the MODE.
July through September implements and emphasizes the ATTITUDE.
October through December implements and emphasizes the CHIEF FEATURE.

With all of that being explained, we would describe the highest probable energy for the year 2007 with these Overleaves:


ROLE: Warrior
CENTERING: Higher Intellectual

GOAL: Dominance
MODE: Observation
CHIEF FEATURES: Stubbornness

While we do not, and cannot, “predict”, we can share with you what these energies may mean for you in the year ahead.

As June comes to a close, so does the emphasis on the energy of the year as described by the MODE. This year’s energy of the Mode was described by us as OBSERVATION. We have elaborated on this in previous sessions, but a simple description might say that April though June had it’s emphasis on observing, finding clarity, within your relationships, which include those between you and others, you and your goals, you and yourself. However you found the emphasis during those months, it will do you well to comprehend how it applied to how you RELATE to others, things, and self. Did you find clarity in your negative behaviors that nurture your divisions from others? Did you find you do not follow through with impulses that would possibly bring you and others greater life force? Did you find you are more comfortable than previously known, and your relationships are all in good standing? These are just a few questions to help work through the last of the emphasis on your relationships at this time.

Keep in mind that the energy of Observation and Relating will continue throughout the year, but it’s emphasis will not be as strong as it was during the months of April through June.

July brings with it the emphasis on the ATTITUDE, your perceptions and personal philosophies, particularly as described by the attitude of REALIST. Realism is the perception or philosophy that sees the world as existing independent of individual beliefs, interpretations, and truths. It is a philosophy that seeks to see the world as it IS, and not convoluted by personal investments. It sees the experience of the world as entirely dependent on observation and that whatever one may see as what the world is now, it will only gain more accuracy through more observation. This Attitude, then, is an extension of the Mode that was in emphasis over April through June, but with less emphasis on relationships and more emphasis on “the truth about the world.”

The Positive Pole of the Realist is OBJECTIVITY, while the Negative Pole is SUBJECTIVITY. Objectivity brings with it the ability to observe the truth without being affected by it in any complicated way, while Subjectivity is the loss of boundary between oneself and that which one observes, therefore providing false validation for static personal truths about the world.

Regardless of your personal Attitude as part of your set of Overleaves, you will find the influence of Realism to be an energy in your life over the months of July through September. How this may show up is through a cool, collected, calm progression over those months with a sense of pace and clear perception as an undercurrent. On the positive end of this influence, one might begin to see the truth of his or her life, and the world, and find that these truths are not the whole truth, but a piece of a larger picture that will eventually be understood, but cannot be concluded at this time. On the negative end of this influence, one might begin to find a spectrum of proof for what one has always concluded about his or her reality and use this against himself or others. It would do all of you well to remember the phrase over the next few months: THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. This will encourage the allowance of more room for perception, experience, and process so that one does not fall into the trap of subjective conclusion, but moves more comfortably through objective exploration.

Specifically over July the Realism will most likely focus on the SELF and the inner world. This means a lot of “stuff” will most likely be brought to the surface for examination and it is important to see that this will occur in many ways, ranging from personally-intended provocation to random interactions and incidences that provoke a sudden, deep, and clear look at the self. We can easily say that much of what you may see will not be easy to observe because much of what will be seen is the “stuff” that is usually avoided. What we suggest is to understand that if you are seeing aspects of the self that are difficult to observe over the next month, it is ONLY because you wish for that to be observed. For those who will not allow an inner examination and are not interested in the bigger truths of who he or she is, this “stuff” will not surface. Nothing is imposed upon you, so if you find you are examining difficult or complex aspects of yourself over July, it is because you determined it is time to do so and you are using the energy of the year to your advantage, but none of this is obligated or necessary for any of you. It is a choice.

A parallel shift, or Nexus (a pivotal period of time wherein a shift in personal reality occurs), is set for the days near or on July 20th. For those of you who are sensitive enough, you may find this shift to bring you into a confident, sudden space of clarity about all that you have examined over the first few weeks of the month. An “aha!” if you will, making sense of some of the more seemingly complicated observations you have uncovered. It can also show up as a realization that how one originally interpreted the results of the examinations were not quite accurate and now you have a better sense of the truth about the “stuff” that had come up.

The week or so remaining in July then appears to us to be a break from personal evaluation, with an emphasis on lightness and playfulness, particularly within groups. This time period would be a time we encourage you to gather among friends and loved ones for a kind of celebration of your uniqueness and your life.