Energy Report: 2008-06

June, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Michael_Entity] June falls within the time period of a year when relationships tend to be highlighted and the time from from April through June can be best understood as described by the MODE in our system of Overleaves. This year’s Mode appears to be best described as PERSEVERANCE, which has a positive pole of Persistence, and a negative pole of Unchanging. As June comes into being, the clarity of how the Mode for the year is showing up for you becomes clearer.

For most of our students, we have observed a pattern of enthusiasm, collapse, enthusiasm, collapse, enthusiasm,… We have seen this from the beginning of the year, with the extremes becoming stronger as the year unfolds. The extremes between the two experiences of invigorating enthusiasm to disorienting collapse of energy have been nearly-consistent among our students. We tend to think this is due to the year’s energy being couched in King and Emotional energy.

Many people can find a year of King energy complicated to manage as this energy describes the process of reclaiming creative direction over your life (individually and collectively), and while this can be an exciting prospect, it is also quite daunting at some points, causing extremes between feeling the empowering sense of leading the life and feeling the scattered efforts to bully the life. It is highly likely that this is seen in world scenarios as much as it is in personal scenarios.

During the Mode “season” of Perseverance, many people might find themselves feeling the emphasis on “getting back up,” even as routines, patterns, and habits might find them being “knocked down” on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the emphasis is in the “getting back up,” and not on the being “knocked down.” This is the dance between habit and creation. Many of you have decided to change several levels of your reality and this is going unearth patterns from the most insidious to the most obvious. It will be up to you what you choose to do with these revelations.

As this time of year tends to emphasize relationships, we would suggest looking at any obvious distractions at this time in light of how you RELATE to the person, event, or situation. By “relate” we mean to suggest evaluating how you resonate, how you interpret, how you communicate, how you exchange with things, people, and situations beyond you.

What appears to be a theme for June is a clarification of the gap between CREATION and HABIT. How many of your choices are dictated by the tyranny of habit, and how many are empowered by your sense of creativity? How many of your moments in your day are infused with the sedation of habit and how many are overflowing with your delight in creativity?

It could be said, then, that a keyword for June is ALIVE. Examining what contributes to your sense of being ALIVE (present) and what does not, can help you to navigate these next weeks of emphasis on how you relate to your goals, your feelings, your friends, your family, your self, and your life. ALIVE is merely a keyword that can help one to differentiate between the habits of sedation and the habits of creation. Habits, in themselves, are not the problem for most people, but habits either generate circular living, or spiral living. Circular living is repetitive, sedating, and dreadful, while spiral living is directed, present, and playful. When life is lived circularly, it will always have extremes as one is either in the stillness of the “center” while the world moves without you, or you are at the edges of pressure and force as you spin with your experiences. Spiral living allows you to lose the extremes and to move forward at a pace that is defined by you.

The second week of June appears to be a Convergence Nexus window with a theme of resolving the conflicts between habitual patterns and creative directions so that the shift in July to the Spiritualist Attitude can have as meaningful an impact and effectiveness as possible.

Suggestions for your weeks ahead might include:

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However trivial it might seem to be, doing something DIFFERENT can bring an aliveness to your moments, your days, and your directions.

DANCE A JIG. Find moments to feel a rhythm in music or sounds around you and sway, move, translate those patterns into something that feels joyful to the body. Helping to translate patterns into opportunities for creativity can help break circular habits and create spiral paths.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE STILLNESS (collapses). If one has been living in a circular pattern, when the stillness is in effect, allow that time to be spent gaining perspective, evaluating choices, and healing.

ASK FOR DIRECTIONS. Often a break in your habits can be done by simply admitting you are lost, needing direction, and needing assistance or higher perspectives. Ask for it, if you choose to find direction. You are not alone.