Energy Report: 2008-07

July, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Michael_Entity] July marks the shift of emphasis from RELATIONSHIPS/Mode (or how one relates to something or someone or self) to PHILOSOPHY/Attitude (or how one tends to create, filter, and interpret the meaning of experiences). The months from April, May, and June can sometimes be difficult and extreme because of the emphasis of examining the space between you and someone, something, or self. Depending on what is found in that space, the experience can be inspiring or challenging. Though this kind of examination is available throughout the year and the lifetime, those months do allow for greater clarity. Now the clarify and emphasis moves into examining your truths about yourself, your life, and the world.

The overall Attitude, or Philosophy, of this year appears to be best described in our system as SPIRITUALIST, with a Positive Pole of Verification, and a Negative Pole of Belief. Regardless of your Overleaves, if you have any interactivity with the world beyond yourself, you may begin to see the general Attitude of the Spiritualist come into play among people, politics, events, etc. The Spiritualist Attitude describes a philosophy of POSSIBILITY and POTENTIAL. With this year being couched in the energy of the King and Emotional Centering, and with the shift now toward interpreting life experiences as having possibilities and potential, it would not surprise us to see our students finally feeling some rooting and implementation of what they have seen as actions needing to be taken to fulfil their inspiration. In other words, it may suddenly dawn on many of our students that the only key missing between self and potential, or self and possibility, is the action required to follow the inspiration. We say “suddenly dawn” because for many this shift in realization may come as a “what the hell was I thinking/doing/feeling before?” The path ahead may seem much more obvious than was before and with such clarity that it may seem silly that it wasn’t seen until now. Keeping in mind that July through September is specifically a time for exploring perceptions of reality can help help shed light on why some things were not as obvious before.

The experience of such extremes as were felt in the previous months may begin to balance now as paths, actions, directions begin to become clearer. In fact, we could describe July with a keyword of DIRECTION. The rest is up to you, of course, but the Direction, the actions, the paths will most likely be clearer than may have been for a while. On the Positive end of this Spiritualistic influence, one would match ones sense of direction and action against the reality of possibility and potential; one would VERIFY that the next steps are bearing the fruit of ones inspiration. To “Verify,” the Positive Pole of Spiritualist, one is merely acknowledging the possibilities and potentials, but asking the hard question of “but is this true?” along the way. This sense of “true” can most easily be sensed as valid or false when measured against how it is making you feel. In this case, if you continue to feel inspired, then “the path is true.” Even with obstacles, challenges, discouragement, if you have a feeling of inspiration along the way, then hold true to your course, if you choose. Even if you are having trouble implementing the steps, the actions, but can sense the direction still holds inspiration for you, hold true to your course until you have confirmed otherwise.

The Negative Pole of this experience would be in what we describe as BELIEF, which is a blind movement and direction based on Hope and Faith, but with very little questioning, if any, to verify if the direction and movement is fulfiling the possibilities and potentials. We describe this as a means to help you to be aware of how you are moving forward, but we do not describe this as a means to deter you from this Negative Pole. For many, a “leap of faith” is quite important and as fruitful as any other, more conscious, choices. We only describe this as the more limited end of the spectrum of perception in terms of Spiritualist. In fact, those who have felt the necessity to turn to hope, faith, and blind movement, can attest to this sense of restriction and limitation against choice. If you feel a need to leap forward in this way, it simply means you can see no other option, but this may be just the leap you needed to get into a clearer space. We can only suggest that “when you land,” you can then seek to Verify if where you have landed is true to your sense of inspiration and direction of potential.


Make a list of “things to do” in your day ahead, or the next day, so that your mind and body are free to work through that list without the overwhelm of floating anxieties and directions, allowing you to see your progress in a satisfying and inspiring way

We rarely suggest an activity such as this as we usually focus on considerations that are already a part of the routine of most of our students’ lives, but for July, we can say that mediation could almost be considered vital to the sense of inspiration, direction, and possibilities of the year ahead. By “meditate,” we describe a triad of effort that starts with Examination, moves into Implementation, and then into Realization. For July, it would do our students well to Examine which of the primary centers (Moving, Emotional, or Intellectual) is least-used or most out of balance, (this should be rather obvious to most of you) and then Implement a behavior that brings about that Centering into your life. If you lack balance of Movement, then for a part of your week, your day, emphasize Movement: take a walk longer than you normally would; literally exercise; dance; stretch; do Yoga, etc. If you lack Emotional balance, then expose yourself to elements that provoke or soothe your emotions, such as listening to music (actually listening to it, not just having it as background); experiencing a live concert or performance; watching the sky, sunset, clouds; sitting with nature; etc. If you lack balance of Intellect, then for part of your week or your day, implement Intellectual experiences such as crossword puzzles, brain teasers; singing; shouting out randomly in nonsensical sounds to provoke laughter; telling the truth to a friend or self; writing a list of gratitude; sitting still; etc. On the other side of these experiences one would find the Realizations that come as part of Meditation.

By this we mean to find ways not to hide, protect, or defend your truths, but to find confidence and comfort in sharing your truths with others. This does not mean imposing your truths, or displaying them, but gently sharing when the contexts arise. Many of our students do not realize how often they defend, hide, or protect the truths about themselves and their interpretations/philosophies about life, but your truths are just ideas that mean something to you. They do not have to mean anything to anyone else. They do not have to be global or universal. But if they mean something to you, then to share them is to embrace yourself, to accept yourself, and to open yourself to broader truths, while inviting others to experience the same.

July appears to be free of any major shifts in reality (Nexuses), so the month should feel more solid, with a sense of more presence in your life than might have been felt for a while.