Energy Report: 2008-08

August, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Michael_Entity] August appears to be unfolding in a way that could be best described with the word CAREEN, or CAREENING. For many of our students, this month may hold some sense of surprise in that what once appeared to be a fairly stable direction is then altered or presented with a drastic alternative, or surprise level of consideration that had been missed in the anticipation of events. Part of the reason for this “careening” is in the fact that July through September is about exploring your personal philosophies, or your “Attitude” in our Personality System, and many of our students are willingly opening to a level of their experience that allows for options that may never have been considered by the conscious navigation of the life. What might at first feel to be a “careening” is merely those options and alternatives finally bursting into possibility. Keeping this in mind can help to soften the surprise away from overwhelming and toward a feeling of evolution. Some of the surprises may bring disappointment, dismay, and delays, but only the surface of these surprises are those qualities. Deeper than the disappointment, dismay, and delay are the treasures of possibility. In a year of Growth, it is important to remember that Meaning is created by you, not defined for you. Using your surprises and careening as a means to practice a broader, “higher” perception can help you to make more of your experiences a part of your personal process and not just another piece of evidence that life is imposed upon you.

Key considerations for this month might be:

FLEXIBILITY: Even with the most sensible and structured of plans, it is always helpful to allow for flexibility in how your intentions come into form, and to look below the surface reactions to the deeper qualities possible.

FORGIVENESS: This simply means to choose to ALLOW. Allow room for mistakes. Allow room for choices that affected you in ways you wish had not. Allow room for your strengths to come forth as a means to move right through, over, or beyond your obstacles.

INNOCENCE: When possible, honor the core of yourself and others in a way that includes the innocence. By this we mean to acknowledge that there are degrees of awareness, degrees of fear, degrees of compassion, degrees of survival distractions, etc. Everyone is at a different degree in the circle/spiral of life and to assume that everyone should be at the same degree is to miss the opportunity for compassion, kindness, and creativity. There is no legitimate method for comparing yourself with another, or your current awareness with a past awareness. Innocence is honored through the awareness of degrees within the spectrums of life.

August 12th through the 15th appears to be approaching as a pivotal shift for this month, either bringing about the careening, or helping to bring some sense of direction again after earlier experiences of careening.