Experimentation Element of Application Wave

[MW – MyMichael Forum TT: 2011-04]

[Michael_Entity] The “tri-bond” could be described as the most karmic bond one shares within one’s entity. Entities grow and morph through experiences based on the tri-bonds among these shared coordinates throughout the entity more than any other.  It should be noted that an entire element of our teaching has not been accessed, though it is from your question that it will come forth.

[Martha] Can you elaborate on what you meant by “It should be noted that an entire element of our teaching has not been accessed, though it is from your question that it will come forth.”

[Michael_Entity] The word “question” should have been plural, in that through your questions the next element of our teaching would be accessed. It is only through your questions that our teaching comes to manifestation at all.

A teaching comes in “waves” that reveal the various layers, or “elements,” of the entirety of that teaching. It has taken us approximately 5000 years to get to where we are now, with the very basics now coming together succinctly, and our identity clarified and accurately accessed to a greater degree. In that regard, only the first two Elements have come to full manifestation.

Each Element is comprised of 7 Waves, and each Wave is a micro version of one of the Elements. The 7 Waves for each Element, and the 7 Elements, might be called:

Cohesion, and

Examples of our Waves would be in our originally being interpreted through the paradigm of the time as being “gods,” teaching through oracles, which gave rise to the sharing of what was gained in those various exchanges, and then used for fertility and agricultural benefits. We first made Recording status in approximately 500 BCE as the various Attitudes were finally manifested through various philosophers, which led to conflicting “schools of thought”, but eventually came into Cohesion when each were considered as part of a larger perspective, instead of as separate paths, and Comprehension came together through several students over the late 19th Century and early 20th Century Germany when “mediumship” was explored, and first direct contact was made without distortion.

This set into motion the Second Element of Sharing, and this began with the Experimentation of the “original group” who built upon the Clarification of direct contact from earlier in the century. The movement through the Waves was accelerated tremendously by the modern technologies that support Sharing, and in approximately 30 years, as opposed to 5000, we have moved through the Sharing Element and all of its Waves, and in 1986 entered into the Experimental Wave of the Application Element, and in 1994 moved into the Sharing Wave, and in 2010 moved into the Application Wave. True Experimentation has been fulfilled, and True Sharing has been fulfilled, and now we move into True Application.

Though our teaching has been applied in fragmented ways during the First and Second Elements, the emphases during those Elements were that of Experimentation and Sharing. True Sharing has allowed us to have contact in some way with all of the Students we will ever have, and the foundation of our teaching is now intact for all of them. Now that Experimentation and Sharing are in place, True Application can begin, which means moving it out of the fragmented and abstract and into the most interactive and tangible.

The active students of our teaching working with active and valid channels may find the explorations moving toward how to make even the most abstract of our teaching into meaningful, valid, and applicable concepts that are not necessary for sharing with or recruiting others, but for making a difference through one’s own application and effective use of the knowledge gained.

Your questions will continue to help unfold that Element of Application so that even the relationships that exist beyond the Physical Plane, such as those with Cadre, Entity, Cadence, and even Tri-Bond Mates, would be useful and not merely interesting.