Full Transcript: 2001-07-05 – Open Floor

July 5, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[Michael_Entity] Here we are. We will begin in a moment.

We will begin with the Energy Report as it stands from July 8 through July 21.

It is valid that you are in the midst of another Nexus. This began July 4 and will end approximately July 9. This Nexus focuses on the foundations of relationships and the release of that which is not working, the upgrading of what is, and the addition of what has been Agreed upon. Regardless of any major choices having to be made during this period of time, these choices as they are made will be rooted in the heart of your primary relationships, or the implementation of new ones. It will be of help for making these choices if you choose to remind yourself of this heightened focus. Career, Money, Work, and Creativity, long-term plans, short-term plans, etc., anything at this point, in terms of having to make choices, will go back to the importance or lack thereof in relationships.

After July 9, what might be termed “an acceleration” will move in. This means Time will seem to pass unusually fast and full. This acceleration will more than likely end near the 17th. This acceleration will seem to be entirely fulfilling to some, while feeling entirely like a loss of control to others. This period of time has the potential to secure the relationships that are sustained, by metaphorically creating a time frame where everyone seems to have to “grab hold” of someone.

We remind you this is not being imposed on you as some sort of test; it is simply a collective momentum and you may or may not participate in it, depending on your life dynamics. Most will participate since this is a very Mature soul event. “Wherever” you end up through your choices, this Nexus is merely encouraging more quality in your intimacy and companionships.

We will now take questions regarding the report or move into an open floor format. You may begin.

[Anne49] Do we ever meet anyone who really is a stranger?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, of course, but as you grow older in soul age, it becomes extremely rare. Those who are drawn to larger cities and are usually exalted roles will tend to continue “meeting strangers” throughout their soul ages.

[Shannon] You have said there are multiple parallel versions of all of us. Most of the students in this room must be your students in those realities as well. Do you also teach some of our parallel selves as your students, and if so, are they using any different techniques or technologies, or learning material different from ours, that might benefit us if we brought it into this reality?

[Michael_Entity] There are varying versions of who is or isn’t actively pursuing our teaching across the parallels. Those of you here have approximately 72% of your parallels involving us, several of them as students of us as a Transcendental Soul. There are no techniques or technologies that will “benefit” this parallel, as this parallel is its own for its own reasons.

The only major difference in this parallel as opposed to the most different is in the lack of physical proximity between students. In many parallels, it has become the focus and priority to create group housing and care, similar to a commune, but less restricting. Nothing so organized as a commune, but more like geographical areas and literal “taking over” of apartment complexes and housing developments as a means for unity and community. The Internet stands in for that aspect in this parallel.

A minor version of this in this parallel is in the “bay area” of California, where we work with a portion of our channels.

[Leela] I’m not sure how to phrase this, or if this is even a question, but I am having a curious reaction to the energy report, almost a sense of resistance. Is this a particular feature of this nexus?

[Michael_Entity] It is resistance to Intimacy. Having any attention in this area causes you to cringe. You will not be more exposed than you choose to be, so it can be of succor for you to realize that.

[Leela] I think I am a bit perplexed as to what is meant by Intimacy, in this case.

[Michael_Entity] No one is forced into the dynamics of an Energy shift or movement, anymore than you are forced to get wet when it rains. You can take precautions, stay inside, go to another city, or dance in the streets naked, but you will remain with choice.

Intimacy, as we mean it here, can be defined as true vulnerability; losing inhibitions to and accepting what IS versus what was expected in relationships; and being willing to see the Truth about yourself in relation to the life as you stand in it presently.

It would not be amiss to say that these weeks will behave as if a sudden, hard rainstorm has hit and whom you end up standing with in it or hiding away with will be seen in a new light. You will also have that moment to either be in the moment as these things can induce laughter, or brood about what is being “ruined by the rain.”

[ClaireN] Would Michael please comment on the nature and origin of depression and any suggestions to overcome it?

[Michael_Entity] The nature of depression is in the insistence to resist the life force of that life, a resignation and emotional suicide. Its origins, of course, are in the Chief Feature of the individual.

Depression is one of a few, but serious, experiences wherein the life is learning much about ASKING for help. There is no other solution for depression except in the asking for, acceptance of, and openness to help.

Depression is usually the result of severe neglect from sources expected to be foundations for that fragment. In nearly all cases we have seen, there is a consistent belief that the fragment is utterly alone, which is linked directly to the removal of or lack of a profound source within that life.

Depression is Grief without Truth. Grief is the healing of Truths realized, but depression is the lack of realizing those truths.
Although herbal and synthetic substances can balance the chemical makeup of the brain to allow other thought processes, they are only temporary tools. The fragment must learn to reevaluate where in the life a true source can be counted on, namely the self, which can then be extended from there. This reevaluation requires outside support, though, and it is not a weakness to allow strong compassion and empathy to come into the life when depressed. We will clarify “source” here as meaning anything that fragment has labeled consciously or unconsciously as being an archetypal, literal, or symbolic Mother or Father.

Though this topic can be delved into far more, this is a relevant and appropriate response for now.

[MaryBV] I am wondering Michael if you have any words of wisdom to help Troy with his current situation?

[Michael_Entity] He is surrounded by Karma, both philanthropic and traditionally karmic (difficult), mixed with his own self-karmic explorations. It is part of his life to have these events. His sense of “safety” comes from the balance of philanthropy to difficult karma. This Sage created a Personality that is capable of tremendous “blows” as a means to move more quickly through the more difficult 6th Level. His current situation is based on Philanthropic Karma as will reveal itself as it unfolds.

We would suggest more physical action involved with the days as they pass, rather than a sense of waiting for the worst. This will do much in creating the avenues for change that could be more acceptable to our channel. We are working with him, along with his own guides, on levels that cannot be addressed in this forum. Far clearer communication is available to Troy on that level.

[Jan2000] I have heard about “transcending” one’s overleaves (all but the role). This seems beyond living in the positive poles. How is this achieved?

[Michael_Entity] We believe this term merely refers to the fact that as the soul ages, the less it is confined by the original dynamics of the Personality design. It is LESS confined, but it is certainly within strong base parameters. This means the Personality will have a definite design, for instance, of having a Goal of Growth, but COULD in certain instances move off its own axis to the Goal of Acceptance. There will always be a Personality as long as you have a body and there will be no “transcendence” above the overleaves any more than you can transcend the body. In the same way that you can have an Out Of Body Experience, but must return to the body, so can the Overleaves be “transcended”, but ultimately returned to original parameters, unless death is the goal.

There may be extreme peace and fulfillment within the parameters of the Personality’s positive poles, but this would not be transcendence. We believe this may be a matter of semantics.

We do not teach transcendence; we teach acceptance, if anything.

[nemo999] Is there an active parallel where the British won the revolutionary war, and what do they do for fun there in NYC?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, there are “active parallels” where this has occurred. As for what “they do for fun in NYC there,” we do not have a general answer, though we do believe that geographical area is not called by the same name.

[nemo999] How about the ‘commune’ parallels?

[Michael_Entity] There are many versions of the “commune” parallels. Most exist within economic and political contexts very similar to what you see “here.” The most “unusual” parallel in this regard, we can offer, is in nearly half of your Cadre One, along with many from Cadre 2 and 3, literally “running” a progressive city in what is known as Colorado.

[Jan2000] Is there are parallel in which the 70’s Michael group formed a commune?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, some in New Mexico, Texas, and California.

We will conclude here. Good Night.