Full Transcript: 2000-03-16 – Open Floor

Thursday, March 16, 2000
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[Michael_Entity] We are here. One moment. We will begin tonight with an open floor for questions regarding the e-Report just sent out from Otterly. If there are questions regarding this, we will take them now. If there are no questions about this, we will go into an open floor format, as usual.

[Sandra51] Would Michael please review the names of the Role & Goal for the energy report?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, the collective Roles and Goal are: Priest/Sage with a Goal of Flow sliding to Discrimination.

[MaryBV] I am curious about the contributory nature of retrograde planets to the overall energy and how it effects us. For instance, how much did the recent retrograde of Mercury effects things? It seemed to really effect me, but I wonder if that is more the year’s energy?

[Michael_Entity] All planetary influences are subject to filtering through Overleaves, particularly the Centering. In an Instinctive Centered year such as this, all planetary influences will have a more profound effect. That is, if that particular effect is of interest to be utilized.

All planetary effects can be somewhat buffered, in the same way any physical plane effect can be. This particular Mercury Retrograde seemed to be of high interest for many in clarifying and removing any debris that blocked communications.

Most like to attribute this planet’s effect to mere mischievousness, but it is a cosmic “highlighter” in actuality, raising to the surface of consciousness anything that is not being tended to in terms of communication, either symbolically, or literally.

Considering the shift from the focus of the Goal for the year to the Mode, we believe this passing the retrograde allowed many to make some internal and external breakthroughs in energy blocks between themselves and their Instinctive impulses. This acted as a “bridge” as you enter into your year with those you are in relationships with and how they fit into your “life.”

[Azure9] Since there was a mention of going into passion around the 20th of this month, I was wondering if that would effect more violence in the world at large? Say like in springtime school violence seems to happen here in the USA.

[Michael_Entity] This is a valid observation, but violence is not related to Passion exclusively. Most violence is Instinctive Centered in actualization though, for example “Instinctive Part of the Moving Center” or “Instinctive Part of the Intellectual Center”. Considering Passion and the Instinctive together, there is a high possibility, but we don’t see the emphasis being there.

What we see already showing as a result of the year’s energy is a reevaluation of sincerity in marriage, relationships, and sexual intimacy. This began when the “volunteer” media icons took the roles in the US as marrying a millionaire out of fun and for money, for entertainment. The absurdity of the institution was highlighted and mocked to make a point. The Artisan, Tom Arnold, contributes to this as well, as he hosts his own web site to help find a mate. The point being made that marriage (or any supposed binding relationship) is nothing more than a contract… love in a relationship is far more bonding. Emphasis this year (and as part of a continual pattern) being on BONDING Vs BINDING.

You will see more of this as the summer progresses. The whole realm of sincerity in relationships of all kinds will come under fire, but in a way that appears to be healing. Any violence in the media that we can see coming at this point is more with intent to take stands and having to defend as a part of that, but not necessarily initiated violence or mindless violence. That angle of violence seems to be coming more in your “fall,” not this summer. People are feeling fairly good as the summer comes in, and most things that are going to be “negative” in distraction, most will want to ignore.

[Barry] Would you comment on the seeming sudden urge for your students here to effect major changes in their lives? We have become excited recently at the thought of banning together and traveling as a group.

[Michael_Entity] This is the Instinctive Center being explored within your Cadres. These are more memories than they are plans, though there are clues contained within the impulses that are important to each of you individually.

This playful exploration appears to be allowing each of you to seriously support and “see” just what it IS that you would draw from as a talent or skill for contribution to a life you deem full of freedom.

This can be applied without having to “leave your life behind” and pulling wagons, though some of you will do just that.

[Barry] Is there a particular instance you can tell us where many of us may have traveled together and the circumstances?

[Michael_Entity] There are three circles overlapping within the dialogue we have seen so far. Some of you traveled in Italy in support of what might be considered a Circus, but more a “freak show.” Some of you are remembering traveling in Medieval times from one place to another as a means to survive as pagans being oppressed by the new religion. Some of you are remembering being left behind, choosing not to travel in these instances, but determining to create “power spots” or anchor points.

Though there are three distinct circles, it appears you all have had plenty more lives than these mentioned wherein there was a need for traveling for prosperity and support. In this exploration on your discussion list, explore it as it applies to your life currently, not as a means to “escape it.” From there, if the insight still leads to making a change, it will be full of clarity.

[Barry] Do you think a “viable” commune could be created out of the students here? It seems that human emotion and CF’s keep communes from being successful usually.

[Michael_Entity] We have always encouraged our Students from the beginning to do so, that we believe a community would be beneficial and viable. The Internet has become that community to a great degree. If the implementation of the commune/community can be done with intention and not as a means to escape, it is valid and part of our own agenda as well. We do not, however, believe any of you are free enough from Chief Feature to live turbulence free, but your skills in maneuvering through Chief Feature’s games would benefit you greatly.

[Arinna] Are we currently seeing the first effects of global warming and if so, how bad is it expected to be?

[Michael_Entity] What has been termed Global Warming will have more benefits than expected. It is a healing that will create vitality for more than is understood now. It will also contribute to the exiting of several million in your species, but this will be more gradual than expected, mostly being a decreasing of births, rather than a mass of deaths.

As the population drops, as shifts in patterns of weather continue, as climates shift, as people move and animals and plants die or survive, the adjustment will end in healing. When the body gets a “fever,” it is as beneficial; so this will be. The effects of this appear to be more and more prevalent, yes, and the impact will be seen to be growing over the next 1500 years or so. This summer will have the potential to be quite a shock to many.

When you ask “how bad,” we assume you are speaking in terms of interruption of convenience to you as a human. In that case, there will be some very “bad” times. The extremes in weather being the most dangerous and frightening to those extant. The droughts of this year will be the most prevalent as far as we can see. This will impact food and water choices over the next few years drastically in the US and around the world. This, then, is the “bad” of this year, so far, that we see.

We remind you that these are projections, not predictions. We do not have the capability to predict in terms that are stable enough to use solidly.

[MaryBV] Could Michael please elaborate on the “three distinct circles” of people supporting each other. Who is in each circle please and in which example you mentioned (circus in Italy, Medieval troupe) did they live?

NOTE From Otterly: The evening was cut short because of the instability of ICQ that night. I intend to get the response to this from Michael ASAP. I thought I could do it this weekend, but it was not possible. Please be patient, or maybe we can ask it again in an open floor session if I have not gotten it before then!

Note: See “Twelve Support Positions”