Full Transcript: 2007-03-16 – Open Floor

March 16, 2007
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[Michael Entity]: Hello to each of you. We are here.

We will begin with the Energy Report as requested. This is our perspective of the collective patterns in consciousness generated by collective choices and attitudes over a specific period of time.

We will first look at the greater arc that spans April through June, and then more specifically the weeks of April. As many of you already know, the first three months of the year relate to an emphasis on the GOAL aspect of the energy of the year. As April approaches, the energy shifts from an emphasis on the GOAL/motivations to an emphasis on the MODE, or relationships. As a momentum begins to settle for the year, then the relationships within the life begin to take on priority and focus, which is natural as the MODE is a description of how one RELATES. Your relationships, then, become a mirror for how you are progressing in many areas of your life where there is space between “you” and “other.” “OTHER” can be anything, including aspects of the self. And “you” can be any aspect of you ranging from Essence to the whole Personality to your SubPersonalities. Being aware of how you relate to others can give you a strong reflection of how you relate within various areas of your own psyche.

EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to which you RELATE is a reflection of the world within you.

ALL of it.

The desires, the angers, the longing, the inspirations, the cravings, the lying, the betrayals, etc.

ALL of it.

When we speak of the YEAR’s Overleaves, this does not, obviously, override your own Overleaves, but it does set the context in which you experience the shared world. So in a year with OBSERVATION as the Mode, you may find that, regardless of your Overleaves, you find you are more aware of HOW YOU RELATE than usual, because the Year’s Overleaf is emphasizing CLARITY as part of Observation. For instance, if your own overleaf is PASSION Mode, you may now have the opportunity to CLEARLY SEE what it is that ignites your passion and how that shows up in your life.

Over the next three months, it will be very interesting for all of you to WATCH how you respond to life, people, choices, and experiences. This extra boost of support for self-awareness can be truly enlightening. For most of you, this bout of self-awareness is with an emphasis on OWNING your choices, because the year’s energy is already deep into DOMNINANCE, and rooted in the Warrior energy. This brings about a “no-excuses” type of energy that allows more room for your personal clarity and honesty than you may have had in a while.

In other words, we see most of our students beginning to “get over themselves” now, and start to own who they are, make their choices, and say to themselves and the world, “HELL YEAH!”

We realize that exclamation is about as excitable as you would ever see us, but we see it as a particularly accurate celebratory phrase that captures the ownership many of you are accepting within yourselves, and we have actually heard some of you already use it.

The last part of March and into April will most likely be a transitional period for many of you where you deal with the issues of how relationships fit into life patterns and personal goals for the year. Within that transition, you will most likely be examining how you relate to yourself within the contexts of those personal goals, as well. This means a lot of Self-Karma may come to the surface in the weeks ahead.

If you are already familiar with your Self-Karma, this is a grand opportunity of time within the year to begin finding resolution within those Karma. By this, we mean that your bout of self-awareness and clarity can bring the choices that would allow for resolution. Because of the support of energy within the year overall, you can own those choices and do your HELL YEAH celebration.

For example:

1. You wish to stop smoking.
2. You continue to smoke.

This is Self-Karma: the inner battle between two concepts that cannot be fulfilled simultaneously.

In the next three months, this person might finally feel the strength and conviction to simple RESOLVE this Self-Karma by making a choice:

1. HELL YEAH, I am a smoker! I accept it!


2. HELL YEAH, I gave up smoking! I knew I could do it!

So our suggestion for key words over the next 6 weeks or so would be:


As an extension beyond the energy report, it is not amiss to remind each of you that this IS your life. Yes, it is shared with others on the planet and this is a factor that must be considered when making choices, but this IS your life. It is not necessary to have permission, approval, or pandering as your inspiration for fulfilling your wants and needs.

The more consciously one fulfills his or her needs and wants, the more appropriately accurate the sources for those fulfillments become. We do not in any way suggest that one should ignore the impact of his or her choices on others, but we do emphasize that the more consciously you choose, the more kindly you choose, as well.

We note here as part of your energy report that March 30 appears to be a particularly turbulent day for many of our students and we do not know why at this point. We do not mean this is a “bad” turbulence, as many of you who have flown know that turbulence is simply that: turbulence. But it will not be surprising to us that March 30 carries a particularly “bumpy” ride through the day. This is due to a consciousness shift, but it is not a Nexus, though it is possibly part of the patterns that will contribute to the Nexus that appears to be unfolding for April 13 through 19th.

We will now open the floor to your questions.

[cimmarron] Hi again Michael. it is good to talk to you through Troy. My question: can you tell me a bit about Simon Peter when he was alive. I believe you said that he has not reincarnated since that life.

[Michael Entity] The fragment referred to as “Simon Peter,” if we are focusing on the correct fragment you have in mind, was a rather poetic, feminine, and theatrical fragment who preferred words to be nurturing, mothering, and direct, even if comical and playful. He was appreciated, yet resented, for his method of leadership and associations with positions of power. It seemed to many that he “did not deserve” to be in those positions, yet those same people felt the strong influences, as well. This fragment does not appear to have incarnated since he was known as the name by which you refer to him.

[freyaisis] Hiya Michael. I am asking – How so many of us as Michael students ‘now’ Knew each other in the time of the Alexandria ‘Mystery Schools’ and how those worked then that could work again ‘now’?

[Michael Entity] It is true that many of our students were also part of the process of creating, sustaining, and grieving what is known as the Alexandrian Libraries and Schools. Most who were involved took the process very seriously and worked with methods that moved the consciousness painstakingly deep into the personalities of those lives to create unions and circles and associations that have now come to be known as WORK GROUPS. Each group “burned” an association with an animal into the consciousness of the time so that in future incarnations, those Work Groups could be drawn back to each other for further progress in studies and teachings related to what was considered so vital to souls and the planet at the time.

The animal associations were what seemed to be the easiest and most enduring possible symbol for each group to recall, if such recall was found to be possible. For most, the recall has not been so successful, but for some, the recall is strong and the associations with the originally-assigned animal is strong, as well. Even if the recall is not strong, most of our students will know that there is a STRONG affinity to at least one animal, mythical or real, that seems absurdly strong, even if not meaningfully understood.

These Work Groups are not related to our teaching, nor are they related to any system of math that we have shared. They are complete construction of those who were present at the time and we have been impressed that the recall has been as successful as it has been, even if not very effective. Some of this recall has been strong, or at least ignited, by one of the originators of the concepts at the time, who happen to be one of our channels.

[freyaisis] Aha, ‘not’ related to this teaching after all.

[Michael Entity] It would be more accurate for us to say that the information did not originate from us, but it could be said to be related, if one finds it meaningful to do so.

[freyaisis] Thank you for that and the clarification, Michaels.

[Michael Entity] Next question, Lori.

[Upst8] What is next in the curriculum of the teachings?

[Michael Entity] All expanding levels of our teaching will continue to be extensions of LEARNING HOW TO CHOOSE and CHOOSING HOW TO LEARN, and with that in mind, it could be said that “what’s next” in our curriculum of teaching would be in the more specific dynamics of how not choose as a more than a simple form of navigation, but as a form of CREATION. Many of our students can grasp how one can bounce around through life and use choice as a fairly effective means of getting back on track, but much of life is still met with a passivity that allows room for Chief Features to dominate. Once the student truly grasps the magnitude of how choice exists, and can grasp the varying levels of choice that are occuring before, during, and after a lifetime, then the student can begin to grasp how choice can actually CHANGE reality before his or her very eyes, or shift positions of distaste into positions of empowerment almost immediately.

Many of our “crazier” Old Soul students already grasp this, and while they do live rather eccentrically and out of synch with what is expected of those within your societies and cultures of earth currently, they truly grasp that their next moment is THEIR OWN and that everything that results from the thoughts, feelings, interpretations, and choices of that moment are THEIR OWN. There is no sense of interference to their choices beyond the calculated room made for the inherent assumptions and agreements of being physical. Otherwise, their Choice is experienced as magical, and not as a burden or regret.

We will conclude here. Good night to each of you. And if you are one of our “crazier” old souls who have been teetering toward a life of ownership of your choices, we suggest you adopt the mantra of the next few months as HELL YEAH!

That is, if you choose to do so.

Good night.