Full Transcript: 2010-07-11 – Relevancy of Current Events

July 11, 2010
Troy Tolley, Channel

Relevancy of Current Events

[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here.

We will first speak to the topic of “current events” as they may be relevant to fragments who are not directly involved, often only aware of such events through public media. Some media/current events stand out strongly to you, and some are missed completely, while others may come to your attention that generate no strong sense at all beyond a prompt for consideration.

All of what we would have to say today in response to this could go under a general subject heading that might be called “how reality works,” as reality is quite subjective, quite relative, and rarely without interpretation. There IS a “reality” in the sense of independence from your observations and interpretations, but it is rare that any experience of reality is completely free from the personal filters that “create reality” from those experiences.

When we speak of “parallel realities,” we often speak in terms that are scientific and related to quantum physics, but there are times that we speak of “parallel realities” in the sense that one group’s or person’s reality is quite different from another group’s or person’s, yet exist intermingling within the same space. This is often the case among groups or people who are invested in a conclusive interpretation of reality. In that regard, one can be friends with someone who is almost literally “from another reality.”

The older the soul becomes, the more inclusive and flexible the sphere of reality becomes. However, that can become a rather painful and isolating experience for those who do not “share a reality” with anyone, but allows for the reality of many others’ interpretations. This can begin to feel as if living behind a one-way mirror. It begins to feel as if you are never truly seen, but merely a prop or reflection within the reality of someone else. That is simply the nature of reality, so to speak, for the older soul who is a minority among other soul ages. In that respect, it is near-vital for the older soul to find other older souls with whom reality can be shared, not so much for the validation of one’s reality, but for the value of being SEEN, HEARD, TOUCHED, etc.

Fragments are either drawn to each other in the context of shared reality for the sake of Recruitment, or for the sake of Intimacy. It could be said then that, in this context, the Recruitment is the Negative Pole of Resonance, while Intimacy is the Positive Pole.

And to this end, “current events” are filtered, as well. Your news, media, politics, and “reality” in general around you either serves as Recruitment for securing your Conclusive Reality, or for generating Intimacy within your Potential Reality. Recruitment emphasizes quantity and numbers for securing what one has deemed “true,” while Intimacy emphasizes quality and exchange for exploring what one has deemed possible. Recruitment has no room for questions, exploration, challenge, or possibility, while Intimacy generates space for questions, exploration, challenges, and possibilities.

Understanding this, one can begin to observe oneself in how one interprets the news: Do you gravitate toward news that anchors your prejudices about reality, or do you gravitate toward news that challenges your prejudices. Keep in mind that “bad news” does not mean that it is anchoring or recruiting; often one gravitates toward “bad news” precisely because it challenges the prejudices that reality is only “good news,” positive, and uplifting. Many older souls gravitate toward “bad news,” or exasperating, depressing, upsetting news because it helps the older soul to sustain a sense of spectrum about the universe. This older soul has embraced his Mature nature and knows that life can be ugly, dangerous, upsetting, and sad. The older soul that avoids “bad news” as a means to sustain a sense that reality is wondrous, beautiful, and full of possibility is nurturing a rather fragile reality that can often be shattered by a mere few words. The older soul who can accept that bad news is only a part of the spectrum, and that good news is only a part of the spectrum, and that there is a lot of life in between that, is the older soul who has moved toward wholeness.

To emphasize one extreme or the other is Recruitment.

Keep in mind that any move to a Positive Pole is only done through the “entering” through the Negative Pole, so that even as one moves toward Intimacy, it will require some amount of Recruitment. And that is why we do not see one Pole as being “better than” another, but more a description of part of a process, a circle, a sphere.

For example, when one has felt the isolation inherent in being a minority Soul Age, it may take Recruitment to establish a common ground that can then lead to the expansion, questions, and exploration that is Intimacy. We say this so that you do not presume that if you recognize Recruitment in your gravitation toward people or the news, that you are “bad,” or doing something “wrong.” You are simply at that point in your experience of Resonance. Recruitment often helps one to discover if there is a valid common ground at all. However, to remain in Recruitment as a base for your reality and relationship is to nurture delusion, fragility, and in some extreme cases a move into psychological disturbances that include such diagnoses as sociopathic and schizophrenia.

To wrap up our initial responses to this subject, we will say that if the older soul find he or she is more depressed, overwhelmed, and upset by what is reported by the media as news and current events, then that older soul would simply want to balance that out with an active interest in other news that portrays the more dominant news on the planet, which is “good” or “neutral.”

As we respond to your specific questions, we may be able to help elaborate upon how certain events trigger more responses within one than other certain events. We will also seek to shed insight upon some of the current events that you may ask about that are perplexing, so that one can see how events can “mean” very different things within different contexts.

[Question] South Africa has, at least for my whole life, been a country in the midst of constant fear and political upheaval. As we are a country of people with such vastly different socio-economic, educational and cultural back grounds, it often feels like there will forever be strife, disharmony and fear. The 2010 World Cup has been a break from this though. In the last month we have experienced the most profound Inspiration, Joy, Unity and Patriotism. It was the first time in my memory I felt like we where unified, and there was hope for a more tranquil life. Even the crime stat’s where down during this period. Was this just a fleeting thing, or should this be seen as an example of what is possible? Or just a reminder of what we may never permanently achieve? I honestly wish that the whole world could have experienced this Group Consciousness.

[MEntity] We would say that this example is one that exemplifies Recruitment over Intimacy. Keep in mind that Intimacy is only gained after Recruitment, but Recruitment is fragile, a distraction, and often short-lived or in need of great defense. For this event to move from Recruitment to Intimacy, it would require that the passion remain beyond the illusion of bonds generated by being represented by a sports team.

The demographic of South Africa is quite Moving Center-centric, if you will, so it is not surprising that one way toward Intimacy might be through the Physical symbolism of a sports game or team. In our perspective, this is fairly important to keep in mind because a Moving-Centered demographic can just as easily “bond” over war, genocide, and other physical plane tragedies that then act as reasons for unity.

[Question] Is moving-centered common to a particular soul-aged culture?

[MEntity] With that in mind, we can say that this Young Soul culture’s sense of unity generated from a game is indicative of a maturing population that would rather bond over playful competitiveness than over painful competitiveness; bond over games, instead of wars.

Centering tends to become a genetic inclination, cultural inclination, and soul age inclination that has a momentum, but is not static. In other words, Young Souls TEND to prefer Moving Center AT THIS POINT, but have not always leaned in that direction. It is quite dependent on what is happening in the world at the time.

Another example would be in that “Black” culture and genetics are inclined toward Moving Center, AT THIS TIME, but has only moved toward that inclination since the late 1960s. When we say “genetics” in this case, we are speaking of trends that become associated with certain cultures and skin colors, but are not specifically linked in any biologically-consistent way. Though some Centering inclinations are genetically-linked, such as those who tend toward the Intellect as a strength must choose from a pool of genetics that often includes poor eyesight.

[Question] What more can one “DO” in the world to help – i.e., an Older Soul in Observation – how do you make a difference?

[MEntity] if your question is in relation to the potential presented by the unity over the sports game in South Africa, one can only do so much if one is not a part of that particular geography and culture. What one can “do” from afar is to remain educated about the politics and potential of that area, and then to find or create a means of communication and interaction with those who are involved in that area. This communication and interaction can then provide anything from a source of support to a source inspiration to a source of help.

Beyond finding a way to actually be a part of the dynamic of that culture, however remotely, one can only choose to trust. In choosing to trust, one has given some amount of recognition to the Essences involved in certain troubled areas, allowing for those Essences to experience and learn whatever it is they seek to learn and experience. Trust a population over which you have no control, particularly when that population has no direct bearing on your daily life, is a form of Essence Recognition, and is the only true form of evolution available to any fragment extant. Evolution of any one fragment is an evolution of your species’ collective consciousness, and this becomes available to any population.

[Question] From what was said in the opening remarks, I can see how it might be difficult for the skeptic or cynic to see the “good news” of their reality, whereas it is more difficult for the idealist to see the “bad news” of their reality. Sliding from an idealist point of view, I’ve begun to slide towards cynicism when learning and analyzing the current events of the world, as well as seeing the directions that vectors of current events may lead in the coming decades, namely new wars, famines, and a great deal of hardship for many. I suppose it could be said just another century on Planet Earth. How might we try to find peace and compassion with ourselves, our peers, and the world, rather than focusing on fear and despair, even when it feels like the world either is, or is about to, burn around us?

[MEntity] First we will address the Attitudes:

It is true that certain Attitudes may be inclined toward “good” over “bad” news, or vice versa, but this would only be true from the Negative Poles of that Attitude. Though done in different ways, the Exalted Attitudes will tend to deny the “bad news” of reality, whereas the Ordinal Attitudes will tend to deny the “good news” of reality. It is not that these ends of the spectrum are “difficult” for the Attitudes to see, but that it is easier not to see them.

What we mean is that the Exalted Attitudes “enter” reality through negative poles that tend to emphasize a lack of details, hence things are more beautiful, naturally. The Ordinal Attitudes tend to “enter” reality through negative poles that emphasize details, hence things are a bit “uglier” or pixielated, if you will. Again, reminding you that for one to move to the Positive, one must enter through the Negative. This is why we say that is it “easier,” not because it is difficult to move beyond the negative, but that it takes effort. It takes no effort to rest in a Negative Pole. It is the starting gate.

For the Exalted Attitudes to become whole in perspective, they must often experience SHOCK. For the Ordinal Attitudes to become whole in perspective, they must often experience SURPRISE.

[Question] Somehow I get a feeling the world is in for a dose of both shock and surprise. How would you differentiate between the two, in this sense?

[MEntity] We realize those may sound similar, but they are not: Shock is like a wall that halts one’s perspective, whereas Surprise is like an invitation to go beyond the wall.

The Ordinal Attitudes are not easily Shocked, but are quite intrigued by Surprise.

[Question] and the Neutral Attitude of Pragmatism?

[MEntity] The Exalted Attitudes are not easily Surprised, but can destroy walls of isolating, insular, or delusional perspective when Shocked.

As usual, the Assimilative Attitude/Overleaf would tend toward whichever is more relevant to the experience. In other words, in the context of Relationships, a Pragmatist may require Shock, whereas in the context of Career, a Pragmatist may require Surprise.

In addressing the rest of your question, Brian, we will say that the key to wholeness in terms of interpretation, perspective, and possibility is to always ask WHAT IS THE TRUTH. Speculation IS NOT the truth, on any Level. If it is NOT the truth, then fear, panic, defense are completely useless and unwarranted. So while one might speculate that the current events may indicate leading toward disastrous futures, it is important to realize that this is SPECULATION, and that your center of power is NOW.

[Question] Isn’t truth relative to the perspective of the person who sees something as their truth? In which case, searching for truth is like searching for a moving and constantly changing target

[MEntity] That means you can emphasize making the choices, actions, and feelings that can help steer reality in directions you prefer. That is why we said that speculation is never the truth on any level.

Speculation is Speculation.

[Comment] Reality and truth are what you choose it to be

[MEntity] However, what is true for you must be explored in terms of what is valid personally, globally, and/or universally.

For instance: it may be a Personal Truth that you are concerned about the future of the planet based on what you see occurring around you. The TRUTH is that you are concerned. The future of the planet is not involved in that in any way beyond the speculations that prompt your concerns. The future of the planet as you see it is still only one of billions of possibilities.

So what one can do in that situation is to ask:

[Question] so it is perhaps a wise course of action not to reach any judgments or conclusions about events but observe them and decide what response you do feel?

[MEntity] A) am I using the news as a means of Recruitment? In other words, am I only emphasizing certain things in life that confirm what I’ve already decided is true?

B) How can I use this concern to effectively address that which I am concerned about?

It is true that “reality and truth are what you choose for it to be,” but as older souls, it becomes important to validate those truths against the reality and truths that are independent from your preferences, interpretations, and prejudices.

So while you may feel it is true that the world is headed toward demise, it would be helpful to explore all of the educational materials that not only address the problems, but suggest solutions, so that your perspective is not a conclusion, but a piece of a process.

Simply deciding what is true and real does not make it true and real to any significant degree.

This is why people are drawn to either rest in the Recruitment of the news or other people so as to sustain what has been decided as true and real, or they move beyond this into Intimacy so that they can expand beyond prejudices, preferences, and interpretations.

“Reality” is only as “real” as one concludes/defends it, or explores/expands it.


We can suggest to all of our students as an experiment on reality to play with the idea that you may be “wrong” about what you know is true. In other words, encourage yourselves to move beyond what you have found familiar, and into the “what if’s” of your world.

[Question] To which degree should this be taken? I mean, I could declare the world to be a donut, but know it not to be true

[MEntity] For instance, if you are dissatisfied with your work environment and have concluded that you are surrounded by Younger Souls who simply do not “get you,” you can experiment with “what if” questions that seed changes in your experience of that reality.

Such as “what if… i let it be okay that they do not get me?” “What if… it is I who does not get them?” “What if… i not let their interpretation of me decide my experience of my day?”

Or if one is bombarded with news of the oil geyser that clearly implies a long-term consequence, and puts into perspective the history of unconscious dependence on limited resources, instead of one allowing this to be the conclusion about reality, one instills alongside one’s concerns the “what if” experiment.

“What if… this helps change everything for the better of the world in terms of resources and responsibilities?”
“What if… this is only indicative one business model and mistake?”
“What if… necessity is the fuel of invention, and I trust that someone, somewhere, is on this with a solution that may shorten the impact of this event?”

The reason we suggest this experiment is because you already do this, but most often in the direction of demise. “What if… this is the end of the world?”

[Comment] this is probably easier for someone with a spiritualist attitude to accomplish :-)

[MEntity] All of you play the “what if…” experiment, but it is only when those “what if’s” are interpreted as conclusive, or when they are limited to one end of the spectrum of possibilities that one has lost wholeness of perspective. Challenge your default “what if’s” and see what happens.

If one wants to experiment with “what if… the world is a donut?” we would be curious as to what you found in your results.

[Comment] and how many calories it had!

[MEntity] Our point, in general, is that only what you currently experience, and what is currently happening around you, however you interpret it, is “the truth” on some level. Everything else is speculation and possibility.

[Comment] You could burn calories for fuel!

[Question] So many people (including many Michael students) are talking about a shift coming for “2012” with “big changes”. Every news event is another “portent”. This seems to me to be antithetical to the very idea “all is choice” – what would be served by a massive, instant jump in “awareness” or consciousness level or whatever. Wouldn’t this kind of thing take away the opportunity for younger souls to work through their growth naturally. It seems like magical thinking to me, that somehow the planet will leap up to be more in tune with older souls. Is that the attraction to the idea?

[MEntity] That the world would leap forward into sync with older souls might be an attraction to older souls, but certainly not to younger souls. Every Soul Age has its own ideas about any “leap forward” in consciousness, if that concept is even on the radar for them.

2012 as a period of accelerated shift is appealing to Old Souls for various reasons, but mostly as a means to fulfill a longing for Resonance with the whole of the world in a way that has been impossible for all of that Soul Age. You are a minority, and however fulfilling it is for each of you to find one another, to bond here, to know that others exist like you, it is naturally painful to also know that you are so “not like” anyone else in so many way.

The irony in this is that the Old Soul feels this way, even when surrounded by the most like-minded and intimate of souls. It is simply part of the process of Essence evolving beyond the Physical Plane. As the profundity of realization by Essence that it is part of an Entity, the profundity of isolation that a Personality can feel becomes awesome and terrifying. It might be thought that as one grows older in soul age that the profundity of death and evolution become embraced, but it is quite the opposite. It becomes terrifying for the first time in a way that is indicative of true comprehension that the current Personality is one of many, and finite. Once that terror is processed, Cycling Off is fairly close in reincarnational terms. The Old Soul who has truly processed this terror is not flippant about death, nor dismissive, but deeply compassionate about its impact across the spectrum.

We elaborate upon this because it helps to put into perspective that it is not that you are a minority of Soul Age that lends you a sense of isolation or lack of feeling a part of your world; it is only you who does that. And that can be done even in the most accommodating of cultures and worlds. It also helps lend insight into why the Old Soul might find it appealing to focus on some portal or shift, that promises that the world might “catch up” to their perspective, or lend relief to their isolation and private misery. When the Old Soul realizes that no world shift, acceleration of consciousness, or global ascension will relieve him or her from the responsibility for his own presence, perspective, and power, then he or she is once again free.

That being said, shift does happen. But it is almost always long-term, gradual, and propagated, not sudden, obvious, or imposed.

[Comment] no magic event on 12-21-12 or whatever the date is

[MEntity] When a “shift” of consciousness is sudden, it is almost always short-term and specific to a group of souls who will soon exit that lifetime. For instance, much of Cadre 9 “shifted” at once in soul ages/levels during the events of what is known as “9/11.”

We are certain that some groups will impose various make-shift “shifts” within December of 2012 in some way, and many will use those as points of personal acceleration, be it material, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, but we know of nothing “magical” on the horizon beyond the sheer magic that is already life.

The loss of a job, a car crash, a terminal illness, a fulfilling relationship, a leap in career, and even a good mood can be one’s “2012” that accelerates or shifts one into new perspectives and levels of consciousness, but these cannot and are not scheduled on global calendars.

[Question] At the risk of getting a causal plane ruler slap to the Earth knuckles, here goes: I get the feeling like there is some major event pending for the early November time frame. Would Michael care to comment on what has the largest probability, perhaps geopolitical wise, and how that would affect us around that time frame?

[MEntity] Early November of 2010?

[Comment] yes

[MEntity] The most-significant probability that we can see for that period of time would be the likely death of a rather prominent political figure.

That is not a prediction, but merely a response that describes a probability based on current patterns.

[Question] from the US or otherwise?

[MEntity] Yes, a United States politician, or at least involving one prominently.

[Question] natural or unnatural?

[MEntity] In other words, if the leader of North Korea were to die, it might be that a prominent United States politician is presumed directly involved.

[Comment] doesn’t he have cancer or something terminal anyway? :)

[MEntity] Natural or Unnatural are not available probabilities to us at this time.

[Comment] Current potential outcome of the gulf disaster, given what we know at this stage

[MEntity] The highest probability we can see for that situation is that it is acting as a catalyst for alternative energy resources in one vein, a reworking of laws for corporations in another vein, and prompting key members of the next generation to “never let this happen again.” All of this appears to be a combination that would combine ideals that are a part of the move toward a Resource-based Economy/World, while accommodating outdated ideas of a Debt-based Economy/World.

[Question] given that it was an accident (or was it), how do you “never let it happen again”?

[MEntity] In terms of planetary impact, it is rather minor, though this is not to minimize the painful impact it has on those it impacts. We simply state that the world will move on, adapt, and eventually find this to be a blunder in history. The “never let it happen again” would include moving beyond resources that would ever generate this kind of “accident.”

The greatest solution we can see as taking priority in the probabilities ahead would be the combination of all ideas that are marketable and currently viable, allowing for individual, households, and complexes to choose complementary or alternative power sources, such as wind, water, solar. There is not a single one that stands as the solution, but the combination and appropriate implementation relative to geographic compatibilities.

We must conclude here. Our channel is done. Goodbye.