Gobekli Tepe – ancient site

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-01]

[Geraldine] I’m interested in Gobekli Tepe, a pre-neolithic site found in Turkey and currently dated at about 11,000 BCE. It is far more refined in workmanship and layout than far later henge sites. Plus, it was apparently completely buried to hide or preserve it at a later date. Can you tell me more about the culture that created it, it’s meaning and intent, its true age, etc.? ┬áThe pictograms found at the site seem to predate the complex and different occupation layers indicate use of the site over many generations.

[MEntity] This appears to be just one of many “pockets” of civilization that were intact and alive and valid in terms of a complexity that is often dismissed the further back in time modern civilization tries to peer.

In this case, it seems to be a complex that was thriving from a time frame approximately 10,000 BCE to 6,000 BCE and was not the most-complex of the time, actually. The more complex and sophisticated a culture or civilization, the less traces there seem to be.

This seems to have built up from (or atop) a civilization, or complex, that had been in place for nearly 5,000 years even before that.

This particular site, then, could be said to house “layers” of, or even incarnations of, a basic premise for a complex over time, representing a sort of microcosmic rise/fall of one example of a people’s ideas and art and civilization, etc.

When there is this rise/fall process, the previous ideas/structures are often built upon, literally and figuratively, so that sometimes they are quite intentionally covered as a means to create a new foundation.

Those involved in this particular line of civilization ebb and flow appear to have been almost entirely of one Cadre of fragments that are still incarnating, but put forth a great deal of effort and experimentation at the time for the complexes that rose and fell here. Of course, that is not unusual.

[Geraldine] Which Cadre?

[MEntity] It would be the equivalent of what you might count as the 13th Energy Ring beyond your own, and Cadre 11 of that Energy Ring.

Many of those fragments are currently involved in the revolutions and overhauling of the various infrastructures that have come to be collectively understood as “the middle east.”

Most of the fragments involved are/were late Young to early Mature.