Groups of Seven Work Well Together

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-12-09]

[MaryBV] Ott has suggested that we group together in small groups to work in 2000. Can Michael suggest which people might work better together?

[Michael_Entity] We are unfamiliar with Otterly’s suggestion. We would need some clarification.

[MaryBV] Uh, Ott has suggested groups of 6 with Ott being the seventh to work together. To do advance studies together.

[Michael_Entity] Yes, this seems to be a number conducive for groups who wish to learn and to utilize information for growth and application. In answer to your question, we see all of you capable of being “grouped” with success. For refinement of that [who is who in what grouping], we suggest you trust your intuition and feelings of resonance.

We would also suggest considering the themes you wish to cover. This is not an attempt at humour, but if the structures of your groupings in Cadres and Entities can be managed, your study groups can be as managed as easily.