Higher than average incarnations

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-08-04]

[Bobby2] You had told me before that in this grand cycle that I’ve had 372 prior incarnations. From what I gather in comparing my information with others, this sounds like a much high number. Why have I had so many incarnations this grand cycle? Is the larger number typical of the warrior role?

[MEntity] Approximately 30% of your lifetimes appear to have ended before the age of 20 due to overeagerness, recklessness, and general extremes of the Needs of Adventure and Freedom.

At the start of each new Soul Age Cycle, your Essence seems to “burn through” several lifetimes before getting one to “stick” longer than 20 years.

[Bobby2] 22 years of age this lifetime rings a bell with that pattern

[MEntity] It appears that entering into any third decade of any lifetime is marked by some dramatic precariousness and subsequent celebration/relief by Essence, especially when the Personality then decides to include Essence in the navigation.

The number of lives you’ve lived, however, is not a high number. It happens to be higher than many who are closer to you, but overall, it is not unusual, particularly for Warriors.

[Bobby2] In the longer lives, do I have some sort of acceleration in development to “catch up”?

[MEntity] In some lifetimes of your closer relationships, a fragment friend will experience your Essence’s return 3 times within that single lifetime.

All fragments have lifetimes where acceleration is an option, and you do use this to your advantage. Those lifetimes tend to be rather ironically “slower” than the other lifetimes, and remote.

[Bobby2] like THIS one???

[MEntity] That would be valid.

[Bobby2] thank you… that explains a LOT :-)

[MEntity] In your case, an “accelerated” lifetime is a lifetime in which you “catch up with yourself,” so to speak, and with loved ones, of course. They are lifetimes emphasizing comprehension, and the Needs of Exchange and Communication are emphasized over Adventure and Freedom.