How much does the retrograde of Mercury affect things?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[MaryBV] I am curious about the contributory nature of retrograde planets to the overall energy and how it effects us. For instance, how much did the recent retrograde of Mercury effects things? It seemed to really effect me, but I wonder if that is more the year’s energy?

[Michael_Entity] All planetary influences are subject to filtering through Overleaves, particularly the Centering. In an Instinctive Centered year such as this, all planetary influences will have a more profound effect. That is, if that particular effect is of interest to be utilized.

All planetary effects can be somewhat buffered, in the same way any physical plane effect can be. This particular Mercury Retrograde seemed to be of high interest for many in clarifying and removing any debris that blocked communications.

Most like to attribute this planet’s effect to mere mischievousness, but it is a cosmic “highlighter” in actuality, raising to the surface of consciousness anything that is not being tended to in terms of communication, either symbolically, or literally.

Considering the shift from the focus of the Goal for the year to the Mode, we believe this passing the retrograde allowed many to make some internal and external breakthroughs in energy blocks between themselves and their Instinctive impulses. This acted as a “bridge” as you enter into your year with those you are in relationships with and how they fit into your “life.”