Human evolution

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-06]

[Geraldine] Michael Cremo has published several books that purport to push human existence back 2.3 billion years or more; however, his thesis is based on a non-evolutionary human, i.e., modern man type fossilized foot prints caught in 1.3 million year old strata. He’s attempting to establish a Vedic truth.

However, while Michael Entity has said that we started ensouling 6 million years ago, Michael Entity has said that modern humans come from 7 different human species or stocks. Would you clarify our human lineage as we’ve been ensouling and evolving? I realize that it’s possible that not all hominid offshoots or lines may have been discovered or named as yet. But, according to these lines, human development started very ape-like.

[MEntity] Keeping in mind that we will do our best to use the terminology that is always shifting and changing with the growing understanding of Human and Earth history, we will try to respond:

The greatest flaw in understanding Human and Earth history is in trying to tidy it up as a linear and clear evolution, when, in fact, there have been ebbs, flows, branches, and leaps in development from approximately 6 million years ago.

Turning your history into a clean line is creating a segmenting, at best, of the history, and this then leads to paradigms that alter the interpretation of evidence contrary to the paradigm.

Or rather, distort the interpretation.

Because of the experimental splicing of genes during the relocation of your species to the current planet, several variations of “human” came about, many of which did not “evolve,” even as the fragments using the bodies did.

This leaves several dead ends, so to speak, which is a very different path from the evolution of the consciousness that uses these bodies.

To simplify our response to such a rather large question, we will have to say that Homo Sapiens happen to be the current line that is currently stable, but that over your past, intervention has come into play to genetically recalibrate and stabalize, or generate branches of development, of the species.

Until intervention and off-planet origins are considered valid, the timeline and evolution of your species will remain piecemeal and clumsy.

For instance, the Australopithecus was used as a stabalizing genetic resource at one point, but was not an actual sentient version of the Human. [Note: Sentient means ensouled]

Again, we are a bit compromised in our capacity to be clearer as Troy recovers, and we can revisit this subject in deeper detail within the context of a more focused format.