Infinite soul causes biggest shifts

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-08]

[cimmarron] Hello Michael. I have been working with a friend who is receiving channeling from Simon the peter (he has told us that the Michael’s and he have worked together for a long time). Simon has stated that there is a great shift in energy happening on the planet, magnetic poles shifting, awareness shifting, Mother Earth cleansing herself, etc. Can you comment on this?

[Michael Entity] There is always shifting happening on your planet in some form and this has been stated by many in positions of awareness, science, fear, philosophy, power, or spirituality over eons of time. There is nothing specifically unique at this point, though many who observe larger patterns can anticipate the potential for something more obvious. Only when the Infinite Soul is manifest is there truly a shift to the degree to which many claim the earth is processing currently. Otherwise, the “shifts” are simply natural stages in the evolution of the planet’s consciousness, or climatic changes that are simply not understood and attributed superstitious values.

However, all of this being said, there is some who are observing potential impact in some parallels from the Sagittarius galaxy intercepting the Milky Way system in a unique way within 5 years, identifying 2012 as a major shift on the planet.

We do not mean to imply that NO shifts happen on the planet unless the Infinite Soul is present, but more that the ominous, impending predictions are usually those shifts that do not happen without the Logos being brought to bear. Otherwise, shifts happen all the time, and some are more obvious than others. The last greatest shift on your planet was in August of 1987 during what was called the Harmonic Convergence when the technical number of Mature Souls finally outnumbered the number of Young Souls. As you can see, this shift is still finding footing, so these do not happen dramatically, even if weather and climate changes do.

[cimmarron] I did not mean to imply the shifts were ominous…. simply in motion.

[Michael Entity] We realize you did not imply this, but often the questions about global shifts do include that ominous quality, so we chose to address that.

[Note: posting from Troy on group list 2007-08-11:

This hasn’t been fully explored by me with Michael, but they have brought it up in some people’s private sessions and I can see what I can find.  From what I remember:  Something about our solar system not originally being a part of the Milky Way, but actually a part of the Sagittarius galaxy, which has been merging into the Milky Way (or something like that).  I think there is something about the way Earth will be, and is, passing through the field of energy that is Sagittarius and interestingly, Earth will be at its maximum submersion in this energy in December of 2012.  Apparently, a lot of the fluctuations in weather and global patterns has more to do with this than the unfounded theories of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect.]