Instinctive Center Reviews

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-12-09]

[TCB] There are three parts to the instinctive center, is this correct? Could you talk a little bit about how this nexus, and the various higher centers, may be affecting the 3 parts (physical body preservation, past life memory, and I forget the last part at the moment, sorry) of the instinctive center at this time?

[Michael_Entity] In response to Terri: All of the Instinctive is up for review. Not in the usual sense of tediousness, but more of an “overhaul”.

Some of you are literally “purging” your systems. We would say that is most true for those of you having physical symptoms.

Some of you are “upgrading” your systems. We would say this is true for those of you having confusion and overwhelm, disorientation.

Some of you are “integrating” your systems. This might be true for those with anger and hyper-sensitivity.

The Moving, Intellectual, and Emotional parts, respectively.

[TCB] Is it kind of like a ‘distillation process the, finally coming down to “What’s True” for each of us then?

[Michael_Entity] In each of these cases, it relates to the Instinctive Center, and these “three parts” Terri speaks of (each, of course, relating to preservation: physical, intellectual, and emotional respectively).

In many of your cases, your “preservations” are outdated. They have carried over from lifetime to lifetime over many eons as the world took particular paths.

They were held in anticipation of certain world truths.

As this Nexus unfolds and more of what is “true” for the world in the new year becomes evident, you will settle into a pattern that moves the planet forward as collectively agreed upon.

A Global Nexus at a millennium cross point REQUIRES all who are choosing to incarnate within the next 1000 years to converge on some basic principles for the “game”.

So, yes, in answer to your question, ‘coming down to what is true’.

[TCB] So we are “updating” our instinctive center ‘preservation of the species’ programs’….in a sense?

[Michael_Entity] Yes, Terri, a valid image indeed.