“Is Barack Obama a TS?”

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-02-08]

[Gerber] Is Barack Obama a TS?

[Michael Entity] Barack Obama is not a Transcendental Soul. He is an extraordinary fragment to many, but no more extraordinary than any of you. The context of his life may showcase his Essence in a way that many of you will not be showcased, but that does not diminish the extraordinary in the ordinary of any of you.

[Gerber] Thank you Michael- I asked that question because Mr. Obama seems unusually aware of the collective needs of his societies ( both immediate and seemingly universal).

[Michael Entity] Gerber, this is the nature of a Priest in the positive poles. Oprah Winfrey would be another example of a Priest in the positive poles. The hallmarks of Transcendental Souls are the lack of sexual activity, lack of affiliation with any organized religion, and an emphasis on some form of social revolution, even if only in a relatively small circle. They actually do very little to bring about the revolution but their presence is enough to spark it. The Priest who is Barack Obama holds none of these hallmark traits.

[Gerber] Then they must be rare indeed.

[Gerber] Please explain the use of the word “parallel”- parallel universe perhaps?

[Michael Entity] Yes, we used the term “parallel” to mean a parallel version of incarnations relative to Earth.

[Gerber] Thank you- and are there a limitless number of these?

[Michael Entity] Gerber, it could be said that there are limitless numbers of parallels, though they could be counted.