December 14, 2004


(excerpt from Wholeness of Soul Program)

Kingdoms are the created gatherings, focus, and work of fragments who share a common, specific goal within the physical plane across time. Kingdoms are created by a fragment who has decided to take on the task of leading that transformation. Kingdoms consist of approximately 5,000 fragments that are generally confined to the Energy Ring to which the leading fragment belongs. The fragments who gather from across the Energy Ring and are not limited to any Cadre or Entity within that Energy Ring.

The entire concept of Kingdoms is based on a VOLUNTARY organization that evolves from a shared realization gained through individual experiences from across several lifetimes and the cohesion to act as a group in implementing a realization.

In highly simplistic explanation: Across your own lifetimes your Personalities and Essence may have noted on several occasions about an experience within the physical plane that you have decided “would be great” if it could be implemented. Eventually a fragment will “announce” to the Energy Ring that it is intending to focus on a specific implementation over time and fragments then “sign up” to be a part of that shared experience of implementation. Fragments who take on the task of leading a Kingdom take several lifetimes to “set the stage” for the eventual emphasis of that Kingdom.

Not all fragments will choose to be a part of a Kingdom. As we said, it is entirely voluntary and simply a means of gaining experience in yet another specific way.

After the “stage is set” and the fragments have all settled into an understanding of who is in the Kingdom, then the leading fragment enters what we refer to as its “magnetic” phase. The “Magnetic Phase” of the leading fragment begins and is completed throughout and within the entire Soul Age of 6th Level Old.

The leading fragment can be any Role, but depending on the Role, the Kingdom will be colored by a very specific context.

When a King takes on the task of being a Magnetic Old King, it takes on the emphasis of REUNION. Magnetic Old Kings emphasize an effect within their Kingdom of a “final gathering”, or a reunion among the entities of which they have been strongly connected. This Reunion usually has an emphasis, or theme, of experiences that help contribute to that reunion, but regardless of the theme, the end result will be in that of Reunion. Those who are a part of a Magnetic Old King’s Kingdom will then feel compelled upon their own to emphasize a drop in all barriers within their own circle of contact as a means to encourage Reunion. Reunion, then, will be the means through which that Kingdom’s theme is implemented.

ALL fragments will eventually, naturally, choose a Magnetic Old King to which they will contribute to REUNION, but all other Magnetic souls are chosen based on individual interests. Because ALL of you eventually crave Reunion, it follows that you eventually find your Magnetic King.

A Magnetic Old Server will emphasize the context of COMFORTS. Those fragments within a Server’s Kingdom will feel compelled to emphasize some means of offering a specific means of comfort in a profound way to their circle of contact.

Magnetic Old Artisans emphasize the context of PATRONAGE. A Magnetic Old Artisan’s Kingdom will then focus on a specific creativity to which all will contribute as support.

A Magnetic Old Warrior’s Kingdom will emphasize ADVOCACY. Those within an Old Warrior’s Kingdom will feel compelled to take on the challenges of expanding the RIGHTS or Freedom of those within their circle of contact as a means to implement that Kingdom’s theme.

The Magnetic Old Scholar’s Kingdom has its emphasis in INVENTION. Those within the Old Scholar’s Kingdom will participate in establishing an INVENTION or in the support for an Invention’s DISCOVERY, all within the context of that Kingdom’s theme.

Sages who become Magnetic Old Sages have an emphasis on MENTORING. Those who are a part of a Magnetic Old Sage’s Kingdom, regardless of the shared theme, will begin to feel compelled to act as a Mentor within their own circle of contact as a means of implementing the specific theme of that Kingdom.

A Magnetic Old Priest will emphasize TRANSFORMATION. Those fragments within the Priest’s Kingdom will feel compelled to personally invest in the transformation of those fragments within their circle of contact as a means to implement that Kingdom’s theme.

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