Lemurians Cycle Off 35,000 Years Ago

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-12-13]

[Question] I’d like to know something about the Lemurians and their cycle off that you mentioned to me as happening 35,000 years ago. You said they were “a sentient species who cycled off en masse”, and that this was profound for my cadre (c1).
I’d like to know how an entire sentient species can have simultaneous cycling-off
did we run them off?

[Michael Entity] The Lemurians were a species that were of a finer density than your human bodies, and some may have remembered them as “etheric,” or as having “Light Bodies,” but they were more like the luminescent “jelly-fish” of your ocean. They were a sentience living through very delicate bodies and this lent them to isolation and insularity away from other species. Their process of cycling off would be akin to how you understand a reunited entity moving from the Astral to the Causal in its evolution.

Their species was few in number, relatively speaking, and their lives were of great length, structured tightly in groups, so that large groups would reach a point of cycling off at the same time. We say “at the same time,” but we mean this in terms of relative perception of time; it could take several years for the exit of a group, but once it started, it was an exponential process. Some of our students who remember the Lemurians were deeply affected by the exit of the last of the Lemurian groups.

[Question] So Ramtha was a jellyfish-like entity?

[Michael Entity] No. Ramtha is a conglomeration of the channel’s own higher self (Essence), her ego, and then some legitimate guidance by a cycled-off entity of Human sentience. We wish to point out that the conglomeration we describe as “ramtha” does not diminish the value of what is taught to those who find it meaningful. It just happens that the Sage/King entity enjoys theatrics as their Medium.

[Question] So, they weren’t going through the Soul Age Levels while on earth — but were more like using earth in an Astral-like manner?

[Michael Entity] No, they progressed in Soul Age as any other sentient species extant, but progressed in groups so that the cycling off for each was in conjunction with masses of other fragments.

[Question] So we did have some interaction clearly, even if they were isolated?

[Michael Entity] Yes, there was a great deal of interaction between your species, but in measured and highly-structured ways.

[Question] oh, so none of us ever actually had lives as lemurians?

[Michael Entity] Not that we know of. To switch bodies in such a way is not something that is very appealling to sentience, unless there are hundreds of years of integration and communication between the species.