Meaning is created – Synchronicity

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-09-14]

[Question] I’m curious about the «co-incidence» of someone dieing on the birth date of a loved one; for example, my grandmother died on my birthday, and my mate died on his mother’s. My feeling is, it’s like a tip of the hat, a sort of spiritual wink, from one soul to another – if it’s possible to generalize. Could you comment please?

[Michael Entity] “Meaning” is always the result of one’s creating it, not finding it, or discovering it. Even when the intentions of someone is clear, the interpreted meaning on the receiving end can be quite different from those original intentions. When one dies, one will die on a day that many MANY will be able to claim as their birthday.

With that in mind, we would say that when a person from your intimate circle dies on a personally-relevant day, there is often an intention there. What that intention is can be very different among those instances, but we have seen that it is valid that there is usually an intended message there.